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Gloucester is the county capital of Gloucestershire. It’s one of the largest conurbations in what is a mostly rural area. It has a long history, tracing its roots back to the age of the Roman Empire in Britain where it was first called Glevium. This shows its ancient side. It has a strong dark age and Medieval history with its Cathedral and it is the burial place for Edward the second of the Plantagenet line. In the modern era, its docks sent coal and goods from the West country out into the UK and the world.

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This means that a city like Gloucester generates a gravitational force that draws in people. As the rural landscape changed, more and more of us sought work in mines, factories, docks and mills. Gloucester was one of the first to benefit from this change. People do need policing and to be cared for. The mass populous that came into the city could have done with the work of the CCTV Installation Gloucester based company to help keep them safe and secure.

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The City has thrived on this influx of workers and questing minds. They have all contributed to making the city the cosmopolitan mix of old and new that it is today. The exciting new architecture mixes with the Medieval and Georgian splendour that can still be seen in certain areas of the city even to this day.

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