7 Tips for Transitioning to Winter Decor After Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, gifts have been unwrapped and new socks are in the hamper (because if you haven’t gotten at least one pair of socks, can you even say you celebrated Christmas?). Now that all the hustle is over, it is time to take down the decorations and store them in boxes until the next jolly season. If you are ready to say goodbye to shiny Christmas ornaments and welcome more subtle winter décor, here are several guidelines that will help you with your task.

Take away Christmassy colors

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your Christmas tree. After all, when you remove all the ornaments from it, it is just a tree sitting in your living room, and you have to admit that nothing is more wintery than that pine-y scent. Therefore, take away all the decorations that are red, green, or gold and leave white ones along with simple, yellow lights. This way your tree will transition from Christmastime to wintertime décor. In addition, put away other ornaments that are all over your house, such as garlands, wreaths, and plush or porcelain trinkets. Only keep those in neutral colors and remove everything else.

Clear the clutter

New year –new beginnings. To start fresh you should purge old décor and opt for simple ornaments. This is a great time to see whether some of your trinkets are cracked or broken and need to be thrown away, so you don’t end up just packing up junk.

Add natural elements

To add some visual interest to your winter décor, consider adding natural elements to your space, such as pinecones, branches, antlers, or even Skull Bliss authentic hand carved skulls. However, do not go overboard or your home will look messy and cluttered in no time. Keep it simple and your home will become a wintery haven.

Place throw blankets and pillows on your couch

To create a warm and cozy home you will need a lot of pillows and blankets. This way when you want to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movie while it is snowing outside, you don’t have to dig through your closet looking for spare blankets. Choose textured throws to add depth to your winter décor and opt for cushions in neutral colors. If you don’t want to keep a blanket on the sofa, you can roll it up and put it in a basket or on a ladder. Speaking of ladders…

Add warm wood tones

We can all agree that too much white can make the space look sterile and boring, which is why you need to mix in some wood tones. To create a cozy living room use crates, trunks, and boxes in all shapes and sizes. You can also put pictures or mirrors on the shelves with rustic wooden frames.

Twinkle, twinkle…

While you should remove those colorful lights, warm yellowish twinkle lights are an inevitable part of the winter décor. Get those LED battery operated ones and place them in jars or string them on your mantel. Some come with a built-in timer so you don’t even have to turn them on every night.

Redecorate your mantel

During the holidays your mantel is probably the focal point of your living room with all the garlands, lights, ornaments, and stockings. Now that all of those things are tucked away in boxes, the place looks kind of empty. To make it shine again, use simple and neutral winter décor such as glass trees, candles, or jars with twinkly lights.

The easiest way to transition your decor from Christmas to winter is to keep remove all the reds and stick with neutral colors. After all that glitter and shine, less is definitely more.

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