Why Do You Need Ceramic Paint Coating in Brisbane?

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Cars are one of the most significant investments in most people’s lives.  You want your car to look as good as the day you saw it in the dealership for the first time.  So you wash your car regularly, apply a wax coat, and think you have done enough. However, experts say your car needs more love and care.

The reason is during the summer, Australia is closer to the Sun than in other countries. According to climatic experts, Australia is exposed to 15% more UV than Europeans. UV radiation is bad for your car’s paint and can make it look dull. The solution to this problem is the ceramic paint coating. This article discusses why your car needs a ceramic paint coating in Brisbane.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

According to the professionals at ceramic pro coating in Brisbane, ceramic coating refers to a liquid polymer applied to your car’s exterior. It is generally applied by hand. Since it is applied over the factory paint, it offers a certain protection level to the car’s paint.  It is a good premium wax alternative as it does not get washed away easily.

Ceramic coating lasts for several months and provides adequate protection from the harmful sun rays. The ceramic coating needs minimal maintenance, and it helps keep the car looking new.

Now that you know what ceramic coating is here are its benefits.

Protection From Oxidisation

Brisbane has a subtropical climate, and it has 283 days of sunshine every year. According to the experts of ceramic pro coating Brisbane, if your car is often exposed to the Sun, the UV rays will oxidise the paint resulting in faded paint.  A layer of ceramic coating adds a layer of protection that protects the car’s paint by reducing oxidisation.

Protect From Chemical Stains

Another danger to a car’s paint is the chemical pollutants in the air.  According to the 2019 pollution report, Brisbane ranked 35th in the list of 95 cities in Australia.  The annual average of the PM2 concentration was 8.1 μg/m3.

Ceramic coating creates a chemically resistant surface on the car’s paint. It means the chemical pollutants in the air cannot reach the car’s paint.  The result is your car’s paint becomes more resistant to air pollution in Brisbane and can survive short term extreme pollution events.

Ease of Cleaning

Though air pollution is not severe, the air quality level is not very good in Brisbane.  The main pollution concern for Brisbane residents is a higher concentration of particulate pollution in the air. It means you will need to wash the car often. A professional car wash in Brisbane can cost you $75 or more.

Ceramic coating makes car cleaning an easy task. It does not get washed away like wax coating.  Besides, the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, and the water droplets will form beads on the surface and roll down easily.  In other words, it is also hard for dirt and grime to stick to the surface, and you can get a sparkling car with less effort.

Enhanced Gloss

Brisbane is a spread-out city, and public transportation is inadequate to reach far off places. According to 2016 Brisbane car ownership stats, 54% of Brisbane residents own two or more cars. Every car owner wants people’s heads to turn when their car passes by.

Ceramic coating adds to the depth and clarity of the factory paint. It also enhances its reflective properties. The enhanced gloss will make your car look new and make you feel proud.

To sum up, these are a few reasons why your car needs a ceramic coating in Brisbane.

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