What are the four main factors that influence blood pressure?

Imbalance of blood pressure poses a serious risk to our health. The pressure is linked to normal blood circulation, a function that allows us to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. The influence of blood pressure is the result of narrowing the arteries, forcing the heart to strain to pump blood. The risks are related to hypertension range from heart failure to stroke and heart attack. Suffering from this disorder without knowing it increases the chances of suffering a heart attack or cerebrovascular accident by 60%.

Hypertension: a silent disease

Hypertension is initially asymptomatic, so it can go unnoticed in most cases. For those who do not undergo a check-up from time to time, the risk is that it is detected when it has already caused health problems.

According to estimates, 31% of the world population suffers from high blood pressure. About 16 million people don’t know they have it. Recent studies have shown that alterations in some genes affect the kidneys’ ability to regulate salt and other dysfunctions. However, this is not the only reason. A sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are equally incisive.

4 main factors that influence blood pressure

Each case of hypertension has its particularities. Most of them are associated with our daily habits.

1. Overweight

Recent studies have shown that overweight or obese people tend to increase blood vessels; the heart, consequently, has to work with greater effort. Losing weight lowers blood pressure, decreasing cardiovascular risk.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle

Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, abuse of salty foods, and lack of physical activity contribute to hypertension. A sedentary lifestyle has led to an increase in cases of high blood pressure in adults and young people.

That is why it is very important to move every day. You can start with a half-hour walk a day, then add some cardiovascular exercise routine.

It is also essential to maintain a healthy diet, giving more space to fruits and vegetables, low-fat foods and whole grains.

Research has shown that the emotional aspect has shown that anger, aggression, stress, and other strong emotions or unresolved feelings contribute to the pressure rise.

3. Other diseases that cause high blood pressure

Hypertension can be linked to chronic kidney disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Some studies have determined that 10% of hypertension cases are secondary, caused by another clinical condition.

4. Age affects high blood pressure

People over 40 are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. In fact, with age, blood vessels weaken, losing elasticity. As the years go by, the arteries change and harden, increasing the load on the heart.

Being a muscle, the heart increases in volume if it is over-exercised and forced into additional work. Thus, the larger the heart becomes, the more blood and oxygen it will require; however, it may not always cope with optimal circulation.

Therefore, it is essential to control our lifestyle because it allows us to better face the passing of the years. In conclusion, if you want to take care of your blood pressure, avoid ready meals, try not to consume more salt than necessary, moderate alcoholic beverages’ consumption, and do not smoke.

By changing some lifestyle habits and following the therapy prescribed by your doctor, you can keep hypertension under control and prevent side effects. Remember: high blood pressure may not make you feel unwell, but it is an aspect of health that deserves the utmost attention.


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