How to Have a Wedding During a Pandemic

If you’re currently engaged and have been planning the wedding of your dreams for a while, your plans may have been thrown off course by the recent pandemic. Many brides have found themselves having to work with quickly changing circumstances and have had to alter plans that have been set for months or even years and postpone or cancel their ceremonies. Whether you were planning a private boat tour San Diego or a simple ceremony in the backyard, a rapidly evolving situation calls for alterations to plans and backups. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help your wedding go off without a hitch while still keeping yourself, your spouse and any small group of guests as safe as possible.

Get Creative With Your Venue

While many traditional weddings conjure up images of packed churches and reception halls, in the pandemic era, your wedding may have to look a little different. You might not be able to bring a crowd into a conventional venue, but there are still some unique options out there, including:

Rather than looking at this as a letdown, take it as an opportunity to match your new location to the theme you’d had in mind. For instance, if you wanted to throw a summer beach bash-themed wedding, see if you can set up a small ceremony on a quiet, isolated beach.

Adapt Your Honeymoon Plans

With many wedding plans upended by the pandemic, it goes without saying that honeymoons are looking a bit different, too. You might not be able to fly abroad for a dream vacation, but there are still some options for enjoying some romantic alone time with your spouse, including:

While you may have to socially distance, it’s possible to still have a mini honeymoon. Look at it as an opportunity for extra quality time with your new spouse!

Postpone, But Don’t Cancel

Finally, keep in mind that if you’re nervous about throwing your wedding right now even with modified circumstances and safety measures in place, you can always postpone to a later date. If you decide to go this route, be sure to consult all of your vendors to find a date that works well for everyone. If you can avoid it, however, you may not want to cancel outright. Many vendors require deposits well ahead of your big day, and canceling could mean losing those deposits, which can add up as you start to put the vendors together. Instead, ask if you can have anything you’ve already paid transferred to a later date.

Many wedding plans have been thrown off course by the pandemic, and yours may be no exception. If you’re finding yourself needing to re-plan your wedding and aren’t sure how you can proceed with getting married while still staying safe and having a memorable time, keep these top tips in mind. You can look forward to your special day even in these unexpected circumstances.

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