Wedding party in a private house? Take care of these 5 details

If you decided that your wedding party location is a private house, take care of the following details so that everything, from the decoration to the choice of the banquet, adds up to celebrate the wedding party of your dreams. Do you want a ‘checklist’ of what you need?

For looking for a more intimate party, for availability of a spacious house or for budget reasons, there are bride and groom who choose to get married or celebrate their marriage on family property. Those who receive their elegant wedding invitations will know that the atmosphere will be very familiar and welcoming and thoughts of love will soon arrive. Among the aspects that must be taken care of are the rental of furniture, a nice set of dishes, the decoration with wedding party centerpieces  by a professional florist and an excellent kitchen service.

Once you assess whether it is feasible to conduct your bridal bond at home, there are other details to consider. While it is true that doing it in your home reveals an intimate and trustworthy celebration with the attendees, do not lose sight of these details that will give sophistication to your event and comfort to your guests.

1. Quality catering

Every special gathering requires the preparation of exquisite dishes that give flavor to the short thoughts of love that float in the air. Therefore, the celebration where they will give the definitive “yes” has to be with a special catering. But how do you choose it?

The first step is to define the style of the wedding. No matter it is at home, the reception can be as elegant or relaxed as you decide, as long as you consider the spaces and your budget. Once you are clear on this, you can start your ideas for menu choice.

Another aspect that is necessary to land are the minimum needs that the house must meet according to the type of banquet. The traditional wedding catering service with a multi-course menu is not the same as one that includes food trucks or a show cooking  in which the chef offers a show when cutting Iberian ham, for example. Questions such as whether the light and gas facilities are sufficient for service or whether it will be necessary to consider a portable industrial kitchen will have to be raised. You have to analyze areas, risks, advantages and disadvantages.

They can’t overlook the placement of the wedding candy table, as well as the cocktail and drink bars. Do it also with the celebration continues until the next morning.

2. Furniture rental

After specifying the moments of the wedding and in which spaces of the house they will take place, it is necessary to know well how many guests will be at your celebration. This helps to know the maximum number of original wedding invitations they will deliver and the furniture they will require.

So is! Although the celebration is at home, the rental of chairs and tables is essential to give uniformity and style to the link. Lean on the companies that are dedicated to the rental of chairs and tables for weddings that are advertised in the directory of this portal, they will be able to know the type of furniture that they have available, as well as the comments of the couples that have already contracted the service and what was your experience.

3. Table services

Like the furniture, the crockery, the cutlery, the glasses and the table linen are part of the decoration. For this reason, these elements must also maintain a certain balance of colors and harmony with each other. The most recommended is to find a provider to rent table services. It is important that they have defined what type of dishes and drinks they will offer, as well as whether in addition to the wedding fondant cake they will serve any other dessert.

All this information will be useful for professionals to offer them the type of tableware and cutlery that meets their needs. Also, once the wedding celebration is over, you will appreciate how comfortable and practical it is for you or your family members to neglect to collect, wash and store these utensils.

4. Event coordinator

It is always good to have the help of a person who is aware of all the details and that the wedding day follows up every moment so that everything is carried out as planned. This person may be a wedding planner or even a trusted family member or friend who has experience organizing events.

Choose someone with a leadership attitude who is not intimidated by unforeseen events. In this way, they will ensure that they know how to resolve any unforeseen or situation that gets out of control and that they will make the right decisions.

5. Very special decoration

As you already read at the beginning, the fact that the celebration is at home does not mean that they minimize aesthetic and decorative aspects. Specify which color will be the predominant one and if they will opt for a boho, vintage, romantic or modern wedding party. From this, they can choose the decorative elements that best communicate their idea.

Don’t forget the lighting! Especially, in the celebrations that take place during the afternoon and evening, as it will be essential to create atmospheres full of charm. Flowers cannot be missing either, especially at daytime weddings.

Decorative ceilings, bright dance floors, donut walls, colorful wedding flower arrangements – anything is possible! Of course, as long as the safety and comfort of those present are not compromised. Remember to add a small map to the wedding invitation to get to your house and specify if there will be a specific area to park the cars, have you already thought about it? Your guests will appreciate it!

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