The Beginner’s Guide to Propagating House Plants

There is only one thing better than purchasing a plant and placing it in your house somewhere.  That’s propagating a new plant from your existing ones. For most people this is simply a hobby. But, it does have potential to become more, if you wish.

You’ll want to know the simple steps you can take to start propagating house plants. But, before we start you should know the secret to successful propagation is to choose high-quality plants. Of course, the pandemic does make it harder to visit your local garden center or nursery, that’s why you’ll need to look for a reputable place to buy house plants online.

Start Simple

You can propagate almost any plant at home. However, if you’re starting out it’s a good idea to choose plants that are difficult to kill. Some great starting plants include the ZZ plant, Snake plant, and the Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy. The rubber plant is also a good option.

The reason these are so good is that they can accept a wide range of light conditions and will survive even if you forget to water them occasionally. They are also easy to propagate, making them the perfect plants to learn on.

Learn The Methods

There are several different ways to propagate a plant, it’s a good idea to know all of them. This will allow you to try the different techniques and find the one that suits you and your plant best.

  • Division

The division method requires separating an established plant into two. This is possibly the most difficult approach as you’ll need to carefully choose where to separate the plant and hpe that both plants have enough roots and nourishment to survive.

Put the two parts of the plant into separate pots and monitor them carefully to ensure they start to flourish. It’s a fast way of multiplying your plant collection.

  • Rooting Leaves

You can simply remove a leaf from a plant and place it in water or directly into the soil. It will need careful monitoring to ensure it adapts to its new environment. This approach is normally best reserved for succulents.

  • Rooting Cuttings

Rooting a cutting is the easiest approach and probably the best option for a beginner. All you have to do is take a stem off the original plant. Make sure the stem has at least two leaves on it. Immediately place it into water and then watch as the roots start to grow.

It is important to get a clean cut on the stem and for the stem to be between four and six inches long. The cutting needs to be placed where it will get indirect sunlight, this encourages rot growth.

You’ll want to top up the water regularly to ensure the root has all the minerals it needs. Once the roots are established you can put the cutting into a pot and let it grow normally.

Propagating is more than just fun, it makes you feel good as you succeed in creating new life. With a little practice you’ll find it’s easy to do.

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