The Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019 premieres design, fully digital interior and lots of technology

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Since 1997 when Mercedes-Benz launched a high-end SUV in the form of an M-Class, things have changed a lot in the market – the brand has seven SUVs for sale. Renowned at Mercedes-Benz GLE in the autumn of 2015, Stuttgart’s high-end SUV is renewed, and now looks an aesthetic more in keeping with the latest models of the house.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019 is officially presented at the beginning of next month, at the Paris Motor Show, and will hit the market in early 2019, although prices will be available before the end of the year, when orders are opened. In addition, a plug-in hybrid variant will be available in the future, with no announced release date.

At the design level, its front reminds a lot of the pick-up of the brand, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, with chrome elements or horizontal strips also chromed in the grille, although it sports headlights with a specific design, in this case Multi-beam LED. There are also large wheels, between 18 and 22 inches, a generous rear pillar or wheel arches covered in plastic.

The manufacturer highlights the aerodynamic efficiency of the model, with a CX of 0.29 (0.32 in the previous model), thanks to optimized rear-view mirrors, spoilers, aerodynamic rims, fairing, etc. In the rear there are also some much more stylized than before pilots, somehow reminiscent of those of his younger brother, the Mercedes-Benz a-Class.

As far as engines are concerned, the GLE offers a new six-cylinder in-line petrol engine (GLE 450 4Matic) with 367 hp and 500 Nm of maximum torque, which has a 48-volt electrical system and EQ Boost support that can contribute another 22 CV and 250 Nm extra punctually. To this block will also be added turbo diesel and a plug-in hybrid.

All versions of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019 will be associated with the nine-speed automatic 9G-Tronic transmission and all-wheel drive. In four-cylinder variants the 4Maticsystem will have a fixed torque distribution of 50:50, while in the six-cylinder system the new Torque on Demand system is variable, from 0 to 100% depending on the needs.

An interior with a lot of class

As it could not be otherwise, the interior of the GLE 2019 premieres the concept “all digital”, with two large screens of 12.3 inches (standard) as an instrument panel and multimedia display. In addition, it has new design air diffusers, two generous handles in the center console, touch control and the new generation of steering wheels in the house.

Nor could it miss the last in the multimedia section, so it includes the MBUXsystem (with more connectivity features) that allows among other things different display modes for the box: Modern classic, Sport, Progressive and Discrete. The system also has augmented reality for the browser, voice assistant “Hello Mercedes”, or predictive function, with suggestions for example to tune into the most common radio station.

It also highlights gestural recognition, with functions such as turning the reading light on or off by simply bringing the hand closer to the interior mirror, specific information for the off-road (inclination of the vehicle, torque distribution, etc. …) or the Head-Up Color Display.

The boot of the model offers a volume of 825 liters (without third row), with a maximum of 2,055 liters with the second row folded down. There are also now available various accessories for organizing and securing the load, as well as a system associated with the pneumatic suspension that reduces the height of the rear part by 40 millimeters to facilitate loading and unloading.

Among the driving assistants stand out the Distronic adaptive cruise control, with automatic adjustment to the speed limits, the active steering assistant (helps to stay in the lane), active blind angle control or the maneuvering assistant with trailer (optional ), among others.

Five novelties of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019

The German manufacturer highlights of its new SUV, manufactured by the way in the factory of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA), five new systems or assistants, which are the following …

  1. E-Active Body Control: This is a hydro pneumatic and active undercarriage based on a 48-volt electrical system, capable of regulating the suspension of each wheel independently. Its main task is to neutralize the movements of the body (swing, pitch, etc. …) to improve comfort, counteracting these movements by active suspension. It is available only for engines with six or more cylinders.
  2. Active assistant for retentions: This help can recognize on time a retention on the road, helping the driver to circulate between slow traffic, up to a speed of 60 km / h, and is even able to assist when creating a corridor for vehicles of emergency.
  3. Active braking assistant with turn function: If we are ready to turn left across the opposite lane, the system can detect a collision hazard and apply the brakes automatically.
  4. 4Matic total traction: Both the six-cylinder and eight-cylinder variants and the future plug-in hybrid can be equipped with the new fully variable traction (Torque on Demand or TonD), which distributes the torque between the front axles and back in a proportion of 0 to 100%. In the case of the versions with off-road package, the traction system also has low range and high range reduction.
  5. More battle and third row of seats: The Mercedes-Benz GLE 2019 now has a wheelbase 8 centimeters larger, which results in greater interior habitability. In addition to optional seats of integral electrical adjustment for the second row, the model offers a third row of seats, also in option.

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