Making Money With March Madness

You don’t have to wait until March to start making college basketball predictions, but that is when the action starts to heat up. College basketball provides a great betting opportunity throughout the year and a great chance to make some money.

There is a reason that the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is one of the best betting events in the United States, and it’s because bettors have found some success. You can also succeed and make money by following a few simple steps.

The next time that you are planning on betting on college basketball, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure better results.

Do Your Research

If you are going to win some money when betting on college basketball, then you have to be willing to invest the time and do some research. This definitely isn’t the most enjoyable part about betting on sports, but it is easily the most important.

The amount of research that you need to do depends on how much background knowledge you already have. You have to do enough research to ensure that you have an excellent feel for the game, understand the players and their form of play, and know which way you are going to bet.

Stick to Teams You Know

One way to ensure that you aren’t spending hours researching college basketball games is to stick to teams or leagues you are familiar with instead of wasting time on extra research for that which you are uneducated about. Hundreds of college basketball teams are out there, and it’s impossible to make good betting picks for all of them.

You should also avoid making a bet on your favorite college basketball team, as that will cause you to bet with your heart rather than your mind. That is one of the most important rules to remember when betting on any sport.

Vary Betting Types

If you are really going to be successful when betting on college basketball, then you will have to explore many different betting options. Betting against the spread or the point total are always two good options, but other bets can also be made.

Prop betting when it comes to college basketball just continues to get more popular, and you will find more options than ever. One nice thing about betting on college basketball props is that you will usually find plenty of value in the odds.

Make a Futures Bet

Betting on each game of the college basketball season will always be popular, but that’s not the only way to make college basketball picks today. Futures betting is extremely popular with this sport, and those bets can be made at any point throughout the regular season.

Making a pick on which team is going to win the college basketball championship is one popular futures market, but there are others out there as well. You can find plenty of value when trying to pick the teams that will reach the Final Four.

Be Ready to Bet Live

The best time to make college basketball picks is during the games. Live betting has become an extremely popular way to bet on all sports, including college basketball.

One reason for live betting is that you can watch a game play out and then decide what team you think is going to take control. You will have to make these bets quickly, or else you will run the risk of those odds going away for good.

Take Some Days Off

Even though college basketball games take place nearly every day after the season starts, you aren’t always going to find good betting opportunities. It’s important to identify good betting options and know when it’s a good time to pass up on a matchup.

You are always looking for value when betting on college basketball, and you shouldn’t ever make a bet if you aren’t finding any.

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