How to plan a beach wedding?

If you love the beach, it may also be the first choice of venue when planning your wedding. And to ensure you get the best of everything on your special day, there are several beach wedding venues in Sydney. After all, Sydney is home to more than 100 beaches where you can get married to the love of your life. If you’re considering getting married at the beach, here are some tips for ensuring your big day goes off without hiccups.

Make things official.

Now that you’ve chosen a date, location and style of wedding, it’s time to start planning. You’ll need to decide what type of officiant will marry you and how many guests will be invited. Getting your marriage licence is the first step in making things official.

To obtain this licence, you must contact your local clerk’s office well before your wedding day so that they can mail out the document. And the best part is, you do not even need to be a Citizen of Australia for that; you can be a casual visitor and still have your dream beach wedding in Sydney.

Your beach wedding may be the most memorable one ever!

Planning a beach wedding can be done on a budget but also requires careful consideration. Here are a few aspects you should consider while planning your beach wedding:

  • Make sure you have a backup plan in harsh It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, so ensure that your venue can accommodate any weather conditions.
  • Get everyone dressed appropriately for beach weddings! Most people think of tuxedos, ball gowns and formal attire when considering weddings, but you’ll want something light enough for outdoor activities.

Choose a venue

Next, you must choose the one that satisfies you the most from all the beach wedding venues in Sydney. There are a few things to check when selecting your location:

  • Does the venue match your theme? Consider whether or not a particular place will fit well with your wedding style and what type of feel you want for your big day.
  • How much does it cost? You don’t want to spend more than necessary on this party, but it’s essential that you don’t cut corners when it comes to something as crucial as where everyone will sit down for their meal.
  • What size is it? Are there enough tables and chairs so guests can comfortably eat off them without feeling cramped together?

Get the right dress and shoes.

It is best to choose a light fabric such as silk or chiffon for the wedding dress and shoes. When planning a beach wedding, it would be better to choose white clothes because they reflect light and make you look bright in photos. You can also wear dresses with lace on them or any other decorative details that match the theme of your wedding.

If you are going to wear high heels, it is recommended to choose comfortable flats instead so that they do not hurt your feet while walking around on sand all day long. Ensure the outfit fits perfectly so it does not get stuck on anything during the ceremony. For accessories, sunglasses are recommended to protect their eyes from glare from the sand!


Suppose you’re planning a beach wedding and looking for ways to make it memorable. In that case, you still don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations or flowers if you do your research first and come up with creative ideas that reflect your personality and the location where you’re getting married.

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