How to decorate your bedroom in a classic timeless style

In the bedroom, we can be a little softer and more romantic – use these 10 ideas to create the classic dream bedroom.

Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in our home. A bedroom is a place for relaxation and replenishment of energy. Therefore, it is more important than you think that a bedroom is well decorated so it is easier to find peace. There should be harmony around, so you really feel comfortable in the room. Here are some tips on how to create the bedroom of your dreams that never goes out of date!

  1. Plan carefully

When decorating a bedroom, keep in mind first and foremost who or what is going to spend time in the room. What habits do you have, what are the sleeping routines? Do you like to have it dark in the bedroom or are you extra tired in the morning so that daylight can come in? All these “character traits” make their mark on the functions that need to be present when decorating a bedroom. Once you have made the diagnosis, you can then choose which style you want to decorate in.

  1. Find the perfect balance

To create the classic style in a bedroom, one could probably say that one should go more towards the features that are stereotypically feminine, as the classic bedroom mostly has romantic elements. When you say that you want to create a timeless environment, you often mean that it is just classic. That it is a style that works, in all situations, at all times. The more you tone down the “romantic” features, the more stylish and modern it becomes, as you move towards more straightforward and austere shapes. People talk about the balance and harmony between Yin and Yang, that is, the feminine and the masculine, which together create the ultimate environment for us to live in. So therefore it is important not to go too far in one direction, and make sure to add so that there is a balance between the feminine in the interior with more masculine features and vice versa. Such soft, sweet details of flowers look great in a classic bedroom, here on a nice folding screen in a rococo style that balances nicely against the tighter bed. Check out this:

  1. Invest in details

Not everyone has beautiful carpentry and original details at home, but you can always buy newly produced fine moldings and panels to give the room a slightly more classic framing and atmosphere. Today there is an enormous amount to be found in the form of stucco.

  1. Impressive furniture

If there is plenty of space in the bedroom, you can bring in more furniture that forms additional comfort zones in the room. An unloading place, small work corner, or an antique piece of furniture used for storage.

  1. Up the walls

Let the rest of the room be dimmed but opt for a chinoiserie-style wallpaper, for a dose of 18th-century romance.

  1. Modern classic

This classic bedroom goes more in the right direction. Textiles in soft, muted colors have been added here. The beautiful stool in Gustavian style is typical of classic style, where you bring in beautiful antique furniture, usually from the 18th century, because it feels calm, friendly, and harmonious in its design and color palette.

  1. Friends of needlework

Fine elegant bed sets with monograms are timeless classics. Why not embroider your own on the pillow?

  1. Tell me who is the most beautiful in the bedroom…

Mirrors in a bedroom some people think to create too much energy and movement, and that they can reflect light that you may not want. But in this case, the mirror with two light lamps and an antique gold frame does so much for the interior. It is also very atmospheric with mirror lamps in the evening, relaxation with lit candles is really romantic! The mirror also reflects the fine wallpaper in the room and frames the picture as a painting.

  1. The roof over your head

A beautiful canopy creates a castle-like feeling. Here it goes in sweet pink and white, but the shape is straight and tight. Again, it shows the importance of balance. Note the cute little stool at the foot end, a typical relief piece of furniture in the classic bedroom. Here you see that the bed is the most dominant in the room, therefore you have balanced with empty walls and to have it spartan in the rest of the room.

  1. Light all candles

Lighting is incredibly important for a cozy bedroom, and a crystal chandelier in the ceiling with lit candles is if anything a decorative detail.

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