How to create a comfortable and relaxing space on your balcony

Maybe in your apartment you only have a balcony as an exterior space, especially if you live in the city. In this course we will see how to deal with the reduced space offered by our balcony to make it as comfortable and relaxing space on your balcony. After putting everything you learn into practice, you will die of wanting to fill it with guests!

Small outdoor spaces

You may not have an apartment the size of a mansion, but your little balcony makes up for everything. We love being able to go out easily to get the air and feel free even if we stay at home and this outdoor space makes it possible.


Join rooms with decoration

Enjoying your balcony in company does not have to be a problem. You can accommodate them in various ways, depending on how you feel most comfortable.

If you are a person who likes changes and is in constant movement, choose folding furniture, stackable and lightweight. In addition to being able to modify the layout of your balcony every two to three you will be very comfortable making changes.

If your style is rather romantic, opt for aluminum and steel furniture that besides being beautiful, are practical and light.

But if what you really want is to get a balcony with your living room, try more robust furniture to the size of your balcony that allows you to complement them with textiles and cushions (even combined with those of the interior room). Your room will not end!

If you only have a balcony you have no excuse to accommodate it and get a relaxing space on your balcony. There are a lot of solutions and furniture that adapt to the small spaces of the city so that you feel comfortable in the open air. Keep reading Lawn Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Furniture for small spaces

If you do not have much space on your balcony, it is best to use folding furniture that will allow you to have those precious centimeters the way you need them. In addition, the small tables close to the wall or the railing leave you more space to enjoy your balcony.


Plants and flowerpots for balconies

Do not give up your green space for not having a very large balcony. There are a lot of solutions to have your outdoor area full of life, however small it may be: shelves for your plants, hanging pots or pots with hooks to hang them from the railing. Your little garden will give you good morning every morning.

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Textiles for the balcony

A good way to customize your balcony without taking up much space is to choose textiles that make your outdoor area the most welcoming place in the world. Combine them to change the mood of each season: more sober textiles in winter, and more colorful textiles in summer.

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Space for your umbrella

Having a shade area is compatible with your balcony, you do not need to have large spaces to place an umbrella. With this half-moon base solution (which occupies half) you can enjoy your exterior with shadow without giving up anything you want to have there.

How to dry clothes on a small balcony

Drying clothes on the balcony will not leave you without space with this solution for small spaces. What more ecological and cheap way is there to do it than with sunlight?


Prepare your balcony for sport

Do not give up any activity because you think your balcony is small. This one with stage, gains a rustic air that also combines perfectly with your plants and exercising in the mornings. If you also put a tarpaulin or awning on the railing you get privacy when doing sports. A balcony like that feels really good!

Take advantage of the corners

In every small space, every corner is usable! Take advantage of every inch of your balcony with a corner shelf like this one.

Hooks for hanging furniture

Place hooks on the walls to have the foldable furniture that you are not using collected. If you also arrange your balcony with a semicircular table, your relaxing space on your balcony multiplies without ceasing to be functional!

Bank with storage and panel for pots

When you have a small outdoor space many times you resign yourself to doing everything in it that you would do in a large terrace. Okay, maybe you cannot jump rope while you eat and sunbathe on the lounger, but you can use the same space for everything. It sounds wonderful, right?

A good solution for small balconies are multi-functional furniture. You will make the most out of every millimeter.

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