5 floral decoration tips for your home

Floral decoration is a universal trend that adds the beauty of nature to the home. A proposal that will gain even more prominence with the arrival of spring. We give you some floral decoration ideas.

floral decoration

1. Points to highlight

When decorating a space with flowers, it is important that, previously, you identify which are the points of a room to which you want to give a leading place. This is the visual effect produced by the image of a bouquet adding color. For example, if you want to enhance the floral decoration in the living room, decorate the center table and some auxiliary furniture. Decorating the coffee table is a common proposal but due to the location of this piece of furniture, it is recommended not to choose too high flowers to place there.

There are frequent items that are decorated with flowers, for example, the dresser in the bedroom. But this detail can enhance your well-being in other spaces such as the study area or the kitchen.

2. Reuse products

Decorating with flowers doesn’t have to mean adding new purchases for vases and vases. Maybe, by empowering your imagination, you will give a new utility to a product that you already have at home. Ideas that can be transformed into simple vases. A possible example is choosing a mug with a nice design. Each flower has a specific need. What idea can complete this image? For example, short stem flowers.

He uses different glass products to create a floral composition with different details that highlight the simplicity of this material that allows light to pass through.

3. Decoration with wild flowers

The country style of decoration evokes the connection of a home located in the countryside, a house that has a natural environment that invites calm. Following the image of this inspiration, you can add to your home this country touch with some decorative detail of wild flowers that, from their simplicity, add beauty.

By following the common thread of floral ornamentation at home, establish color combinations like you do with other specific examples. But, in addition to observing this color component, you can also visualize other relevant aspects in the configuration of a space such as shape and volume.

4. Glass dome

The mythical rose from the movie Beauty and the Beast inspires the image of glass domes that show a floral ornament inside. A different way to highlight this detail at home. A romantic nuance that follows the aesthetics of this visual metaphor of this film story to integrate it into the home in a different way from personal interpretation.

5. Artificial flowers

Decorating with flowers is a universal proposal, however, not all people have knowledge of gardening or time to do this task. If you want to learn new knowledge in this matter, you will find specialized workshops to learn how to care for the different types of garden plants.

However, if you love flowers but have little space to take care of this task, you can use the inspiration of artificial plants to add vital colors during the spring in the house. Artificial flowers allow you to enjoy this metaphor of nature, but without investing so much time in its care.

How to decorate your home with flowers? In the next arrival of spring let the new season inspire you with its colors and aromas. When choosing the material of the flower vase, you cannot only look at the floral details, but also the characteristics of the surface that this decoration will highlight. For example, on a glass table, choose a vase that is made of a different material than glass to create a contrast.

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