Different Ways To Upgrade The Electrical Outlets In Your Home

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Electrical upgrades are one of the more useful home improvement ideas and some homes may be in dire need of this type of updating. That’s because homes without sufficient power can be more than just a nuisance, you could be left in the dark more often than you wish. Not to mention the potential for damage to your electronics and appliances and even fire hazards that exist.

Upgrading your electrical system can also protect more than your belongings, it’s also a smart solution for preserving and increasing the value of your home. So take a look around and start to assess whether or not this type of project is right for you.

Perhaps there’s plenty of voltage but you’re running low on available outlets. This is rather easy to ascertain – how many power strips and extension cords do you have hooked up around the house? If the answer is “too many”, then you probably need to upgrade your existing outlets and maybe even install new ones.

Here are your options with respect to both, then discuss which ones sound like the best fit with

your local electrician services Charlottesville. As always, be sure you have this work done by a trained and licensed professional and don’t do this yourself, unless you are that professional.

USB Outlets

Consider all of the devices that you use on a daily basis. How many of them use a USB cord plugged into an adapter that fits into your standard UL outlet? Installing USB outlets will eliminate the need for that adapter altogether and since the USB plug has grown much more popular as of late, many homeowners are now going in this direction for electrical upgrades.

Recessed Outlets

This new take on the standard outlet doesn’t change the way you access electricity in the home so much as make it safer by placing the outlets themselves deeper in the wall. This way, the usual configuration of having the plug sticking out of the wall is eliminated by setting it further in. Now you no longer have to worry about a plug being inadvertently kicked or shoved from an outlet by mistake as you walk past or knock something into the wall. Recessed outlets offer greater protection from accidental unplugging.

Tamper-Resistant Outlets

For homes with young children these are simply an absolute necessity. These outlets prevent tampering through small shutters that can open and close in front of the receptacles. That way nothing can be inserted into them, which is helpful for parents of young children who might be prone to jamming small items into the outlets and running the risk of electric shock and the burns that can result.

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters

AFCI for short is an ideal way to prevent your electrical system from getting damaged due to faulty wiring or shorts that might result in overheating. An AFCI is installed as an early warning apparatus tasked with detecting such issues and shutting the outlet off before any major damage can take place. They’re not difficult to install and are easily integrated into any home’s main service panel.

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