7 celebrity scandal with which they were very macho and nobody noticed

In recent years we have been able to hear much more about the problems in our society. Problems of social and economic inequalities that have not yet been resolved and, thanks to feminism, are put on the table. Feminism, therefore, is gaining more and more strength and is getting into the messages, whether at the political level or at the citizen level. We share a celebrity scandal with which they were very macho and nobody noticed.

Therefore, thanks to this citizen “training” we can question facts or actions that were not questioned before and were considered valid. How for example, actions of celebrities that were commented on worldwide and that right now, thanks to feminist discourse, we can say that they are macho and unfair actions with women.

Do you want to know which ones they were? Here we explain the celebrity scandal:

1. Janet Jackson’s uncoveringcelebrity scandal

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson took the stage in the middle of the US Super Bowl. At the end of the performance, he rips off part of her dress which makes an open chest.

Costume error or intention of the show? The repercussions were for Janet since she suffered many bad reviews for it, but of course, nothing happened to Justin. Janet had to apologize, but Justin just laughed at the incident. How weird, isn’t it? It is one of the celebrity scandal with which they were very macho and nobody noticed.

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2. The rivalry between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Joliecelebrity scandal

Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer but the day came when they separated and he married Angelina again. The press was dedicated to accusing Angelina of being bad for separating such a perfect couple. But to all this … Brad Pitt is not old to separate without being conditioned by any woman? Why is it always the fault of the woman who is walking there?

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3. The homosexuality of George Michaelcelebrity scandal

Hugh Grant was surprised with a prostitute in a public place in Los Angeles; He was arrested, paid a fine and continued his life as if nothing. But instead, George Michael, while flirting with an uncle in a public restroom, was surprised by a policeman even though there was no money involved. It had such an impact that he had to declare his homosexuality in public. Machismo and homophobia where?

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4. Madonna and her sexualitycelebrity scandal

The singer wanted to publish a disc and a book where she recounts her fantasies and her explanations in relation to sexuality. The book was censored in some parts of the world and Madonna underwent a hard moral judgment. But what they don’t remember is that many celebrities have done exactly the same thing as her, but of course, they were men. It is one of the celebrity scandal with which they were very macho and nobody noticed.

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5. Katie Holmes and the divorce agreementcelebrity scandal

Katie and Tom married quite rough premarital conditions. But … Do you know who was very criticized for this? Katie, of course …

6. Monica Lewinskycelebrity scandal

This young girl was 22 when she entered as a fellow at the White House. He had an affair with the most powerful man in the world at that time. The repercussions were for both of them, but who had to disappear from the public sphere and who nowadays must listen to jokes about this event, was Monica, obviously.

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7. Whitney Houston and his strong charactercelebrity scandal

Houston managers wanted to sell an image of the sweet, passionate and romantic girl. Which was not Whitney, and in the end, you could see how authentic and talented she was.

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