The best Jackie Chan movies

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Are you a fan of action movies? If so, chances are that you are also a follower of Jackie Chan. We recommend you the best Jackie chan movies.

Meet the action films of  Jackie Chan and watch them on Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. Are you a fan of this film genre? We present to you the best movies in the action movie icon, Jackie Chan.

What is the name of the Jackie Chan movie where Chun Li comes out?

The movie in which  Jackie Chan stars in ‘Chun-Li’ is ‘City Hunter’, a film that was released in 1993.

Based on the homonymous manga of the mid-1980s, Jing Wong’s ‘City Hunter’ is about Jackie Chan’s quest to find the fugitive daughter of the director of an important Japanese newspaper.

Although the main themes of ‘City Hunter’ are sexual shamelessness and police work, the comic component is also quite visible thanks to Jackie Chan’s interpretation as ‘Chun-Li’, a character from ‘Street Fighter’ who faces during The movie with other fighters.

What was Jackie Chan’s first movie and in what year did it premiere?

The first film of Jackie Chan ‘s ‘The House of 36 wooden men’. Released in 1976, this action movie begins showing the death of the father of a young mute during an assault. Although the son ( Jackie Chan ) is a person with a disability. He trains Kung Fu to avenge his father facing painful trials in the Shaolin Temple. One of them is the so-called ‘chamber of the 36 wooden men’.

The best Jackie Chan movies

8. THE ARMOR OF GOD Best Jackie Chan movies

Written and directed by  Jackie Chan, this action movie tells how a treasure hunter and adventurer known as ‘Asian Falcon’ helps his friend Alan find his girlfriend, who was kidnapped by a religious cult. This group has two pieces of ‘The Armor of God’ and they intend to steal the missing piece from  Jackie Chan.

In this movie,  Jackie Chan almost lost his life, as he jumped from the roof of a house to a tree, whose branch broke and caused the actor to break his head.

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7. Drunken Master Best Jackie Chan movies

Jackie Chan combines kung fu and comedy very well in this movie. It was released in 1978 and was a success at the box office in Hong Kong, as it won twice as much as Jackie Chan’s previous movie, ‘The snake in the shadow of the eagle’. It is one of the best Jackie Chan movies.

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Although the critics affirm that ‘The Drunk Master’ has terrible performances and a very low-profile production, the contribution made by the film to popularize the Zui Quan, a martial art inspired by the movements of a drunk person, is highlighted.

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6. THE YOUNG TIGER  Best Jackie Chan movies

This action movie starring Jackie Chan premiered in 1973. It tells the story of a young man passionate about martial arts who live various adventures on his way to becoming the best. Therefore, he is exposed to live different dangers at a young age.

5. Shanghai Noon Best Jackie Chan movies

Directed by Tom Mey and starring  Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, ‘Shanghai Noon’ is one of the best-known commercial films that became after its release in 2000. It was produced by the same team that was behind the series’ Smallville ‘and its second part was titled’ The Shanghai Rebels’.

The story takes place in 1881. At that time Chon Wang ( Jackie Chan ), a guardian of the Chinese emperor, decides to go look for Princess Pei Pei and use her skills to rescue her and get her out of the place where she is trapped, in the western United States. His friend, Roy O’Bannon (Owen Wilson), falls in love with the princess and decides to help him rescue her.

4. Forbidden Kingdom  Best Jackie Chan movies

This 113-minute action movie is available on Netflix and tells the story of a teenage movie fan, Jason Triptikas, after receiving from the hands of Hop, owner of a pawn shop in Chinatown, a golden cane that should return to its true owner. During the path he undertakes to achieve this he is accompanied by Lu Yan ( Jackie Chan ). A drunken immortal, Golden Sparrow, a young woman seeking revenge, and the silent monk Jason. It is one of the best Jackie Chan movies.

3. SKIPTRACE  Best Jackie Chan movies

Produced, starring and based on a Jackie Chan story, ‘Skiptrace’ is a Chinese-American action and comedy film directed by ‘Renny Harlin’.

It shows the story of a Hong Kong detective who creates a team with an American to catch a Chinese criminal who commits numerous murders. It has a duration of 1 hour and 47 minutes.

2. NEW POLICE STORY  Best Jackie Chan movies

Directed by Benny Chan in 2004 and released in December 2005, ‘New Police Story’ tells the story of Wing. A veteran of the Hong Kong police force, who wishes to end the gang of criminals ‘The Five’.

He was betrayed along with with his team, a fact that caused everyone’s death, except his.

1. KUNG FU YOGA  Best Jackie Chan movies

Behind this film is a Chinese-Indonesian co-production of Taihe Entertainment.

Starring  Jackie Chan, this action movie premiered in 2016.

He tells how a renowned professor of archeology at the Warrior Museum joins an Indian teacher to search for Tibet, a lost Indian treasure from Magadha.

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