URWERK : Swiss luxury watches

Urwerk is founded in 1997 by the watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and the artist Martin Frei. Urwerk is one of the most spectacular swiss luxury watches brands on the world watchmaking scene, resulting from a strong belief that the history of Haute Horlogerie is an art in constant flux. In just 20 years, his original approach to expressing the passage of time-based on a futuristic vision of watchmaking has shaken the most traditionalist minds and earned collectors and fans’ respect.

Maximize Your Lunch Break With These Tips

Wherever you work, making your lunch break count is important. Breaking up the day helps us to return to work feeling refreshed and ready to be productive. Whilst many people think that working through lunch helps them achieve more, this is simply not the case for most of us. Research into human attention spans has proven time and time again that we simply cannot concentrate on the task at hand for eight hours, most of us struggle to concentrate for twenty minutes! If you want to achieve more in your work and improve your work-life balance then maximizing your lunch break is essential, here’s how.

Good outside bets for the 2021 Grand National

As we enter spring and more importantly April, horse racing fans, along with millions of others across the globe, will have their sights set on just one thing, the Grand National! After being cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the excitement for the race’s return this year is rife and there’s no doubt that many punters will have already examined the 2021 Grand National odds at Paddy Power

The best way to clean paint off glass windows

Home DIYs inspire homeowners to do a lot of home improvement projects on their own. But, mistakes can occur, for instance, splashing your windows with unwanted paint in the course of your DIY wall painting. Even with careful planning and preparation, a paint project can still go awry, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Whether it was an accidental paint splatter or minor paint marks on your windows, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is easy to remove them and restore your glass windows to their initial sheen. All you have to do is look for professional window cleaners or follow this step-by-step process to clean paint off your glass window.

Do You Need Temporary Vehicle Insurance?

You may have heard of temporary vehicle insurance and wondered why anyone would need it. In reality, temporary insurance is much more useful than most of us realise. You may have even missed out on its benefits before because you didn’t know about it. Here are a few reasons why you might want or need temporary insurance. We’ll also explain when a short-term car insurance policy can be a valid alternative to the traditional 12-month auto insurance policy.

The Watch Pages: Beautiful luxury watches for men

The world is full of gorgeous watches. Given that few can afford them, do you know which the most excellent luxury timepieces are? Although this year, the World Watches & Wonders (ex SIHH) and Baselworld watch shows have been skipped. However, at the moment, I am writing the Geneva Watch Days still resists which if all goes well, high-end watchmaking with Watches and Wonders. In the meantime, it has reorganized itself digitally, has begun to unveil the usual rain of precious and complicated watches. So, it is not easy to keep in mind the watchmaking excellence from the most prestigious brands. Let’s follow the Watch Pages analysis for the beautiful luxury watches for men.