5 Best Interior Design Picks for 2019 and What’s Next for 2020

As we are steadily getting to the end of 2019, we have time to reflect on what worked in the interior design field across the world. After some research and contact with several interior designers, I was able to create a list of the most popular design picks as well as decorative elements that sparked interest throughout the year. Also, there is the prediction for the upcoming 2020 based on scheduled plans of these interior designers and the wishes their clients expressed regarding the completion of their home the next year.

1. Ceilings in color

One of the most picked design trends for 2019 was the painted ceilings, considering them as the fifth wall. In various colors that matched the style of the room, with wallpapers or moldings, the painted ceiling brought a new dimension in the room. It was the original “wow” moment. To achieve it, the 10-30-60 rule was applied, which means that the ceiling can have the base color (about 60%) of the room, or it can be painted with an accent color (the 10%) to raise the visual appeal of the room.

2. Bold Colours Everywhere

Bold colors didn’t cover only the ceiling in 2019; they were also a choice to add excitement in the room. The most popular ones were navy blue, deep red, and burn orange exploded in the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. However, they didn’t create asymmetry and uneasiness in the home. They were, in fact, the creators of balance and worked well with calmer undertones to complete the whole experience. The bold colors were making a statement in the room.

3. Wooden Furniture

Wood is a classic. But it also gets more and more popular when it comes to furnishing the home with comfortable, eco-friendly furniture that enables a cozy living. Be it wood flooring, wooden elements, or wooden furniture pieces, it was present in almost every new interior design of 2019. After all, it proved the thesis that wood is, indeed, timeless.

4. Boho Goes a Full Circle

Boho made its comeback. It comes and goes, and in 2019 it came, saw, and conquered. The vibe with it made the homes interestingly vintage but with a touch of a modern twist. The hippy feel that rocked a fun, laidback vibe combined with a touch of sophistication. It was no wonder why people eagerly accepted this style once again, especially in the children’s and living rooms.

5. Art Deco Resurfaced As Well

The design from the 1920s and 30s captured the hearts once again in 2019 when the geometric designs and manmade materials with bold colors shattered through simplicity. The Art Deco design added much more texture and visual interest in the room, adding the “blast from the past” kind of moments.

What’s In for 2020?

The following year will be rather interesting and exciting. Humble materials such as rattan, hemp, jute, sisal, and terracotta will be used to a greater extent in comparison to the previous years. Also, marble will find its place again by replacing wood as the primary material for decorative elements of more decorative furniture items.  

Another big surprise is that the small-sized rugs and carpets will be replaced by carpet floorings which aim to increase the level of comfort for the family. And what is even more exciting, soft carpet is also applied on the ceiling and the walls. Perhaps those with an eccentric spirit would accept this trend more quickly than the rest. Nevertheless, it is something that will test the waters next year.

Finally, if you are looking for ideas for the renovation of your home, you would be happy to know that you can try different looks with virtual furniture for real estate and fill up space with decorative elements digitally so that you can see what will work the best.

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