Winter Garden Jobs that you can Do

Although over the winter it may be tempting to leave your garden to it, if you do keep it up together over the winter, it will make your life a lot easier come the spring! Here are a couple of ways that you can keep your garden in good condition throughout the winter months so that you can feel the benefits when the weather starts to warm up once again…

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Keep it neat – Keeping the garden looking neat is a good idea – a ride on lawn mower is a great way to make the job of mowing less arduous and you can easily pick-up spare Briggs and Stratton parts online at places like Briggs bits if you do need to repair your mower. It won’t need doing as much in winter but should still be done if the grass is looking a little unruly! As well as the lawn, make sure that you rake up any leaves regularly.

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Do some jobs – There are some jobs that are actually better in the winter months – if you want to paint garden furniture whilst it is not in use for example, now is the ideal time! As well as this, you can do some work in the garden if you want to add a shed, a summer house or a garden room, so that you can fully enjoy it in the Spring and the Summer.

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