Taking care of yourself during the winter

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Winter is the time of year where we all start to feel a little slower and often sluggish and tired as a result of the longer, darker days. This can particularly have an impact on those individuals who have support from a Homecare Cheltenham company. There are some simple things that you can do to help take care of yourself during the winter months.

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Food – make sure that you get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help boost your immunity system and your overall health. Foods that are high in saturated fats and sugar often lead us to feel tired, especially during the late afternoon. Eating foods high in fibre and plenty of fruits and vegetables can help to combat this.

Water – staying hydrated is key and this means increasing your water intake. Try not to rely on tea and coffee as the high levels of caffeine again can lead to you feeling tired as the dya moves into early evening.

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Keep moving – exercise is important all year round but keeping yourself moving during the winter is good for your body and for your mental health. This could be simple stretching throughout the day, or taking a walk around your garden. Make sure that you are wrapped up nice and warm and that it is not icy or slippy underfoot when you go out.

Vitamins – in the Northern hemisphere people tend to be deficient in Vitamin D and as we primarily get this from the sun it might be an idea to take a supplement during the winter months, but always check this with yoru GP or pharmacist first.

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