The Perfect Timber Floor For Every Style Of Home

When it comes to building a home, everyone has their own dream house. When you’re beginning to build your forever home, it can be a struggle trying to translate your dreams into reality. There are so many home designs, and choices for furniture and flooring, out there, that it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right one for your tastes. But when it comes to flooring, you have to pick both a versatile and durable option – after all, your dream home will be where you will live for years and years to come.

It’s important not only that your furnishing options adhere to the home design that you want, but will also last long with proper maintenance. Below, the perfect timber floor for every style of home – so you can get some ideas of which flooring options will suit your dream home design!

Industrial Style

People love industrial style homes because of its simplicity and charm. With industrial styles, interiors are left on full display, and you’ll find yourself utilising exposed raw surfaces and recycled materials to evoke a feeling of renovated warehouses and factories into high-end residential spaces. With this style of home, you’ll see metal accents, exposed brick, and warehouse-type appliances that exude that industrial feel.

It’s important for industrial style homes to keep to this vibe. And if you’re looking for wooden floorboards that match this style, you’ll find it’s amazing that most wooden finishes will work with this. Whether you go for a dark finish, or a raw, untreated appearance, make sure to look for floorboards that display significant knots in the grain, to really underline its raw look, tying it to the overall design of your industrial style home.

Hamptons Home

Want an easy, breezy home design? Hamptons styles are characterised by light and whitewashed interiors, exuding beachy vibes that harken back to bright summer days. With hamptons style homes, you’ll find that wooden flooring works beautifully in keeping with its laid-back charm.

If you go for wider floorboards, you’ll be able to lean into a more traditional look, inspired by country homes that exude class and elegance. You can opt for thinner floorboards for a more modern look, too!

And when it comes to the finish of your floorboards, you could go for grey tones, light-washed pine inspired finishes, or even dark and rich mocha shades. Let the natural elements of the wood show through, and you’ll find yourself loving the natural contrasts that your flooring brings to the general look and feel of your home’s interiors. These types of timber flooring will not only suit your hamptons style home the best, but you’ll also get heaps of compliments from friends and family with how classically beautiful your home looks.

Traditional Style

If you’ve got your heart set on a traditional style home, you’re in luck! Exuding timeless grace and beauty, traditional style homes benefit the most from having timber flooring installed. Comfortable, casual, and classic, it’s hard to go wrong with this home design. And with the addition of the versatile timber flooring, you’ve not only got a home that will look beautiful over the years, but you’ve also got durable flooring that will be easy to maintain and look after no matter how long you live in your dream home.

When it comes to traditional-style homes, your options are endless. You could go for light, medium, to rich tones for your floorboards – just make sure that the furniture you use will contrast nicely with your chosen flooring! Don’t forget to keep natural lighting in mind when installing different shades of flooring, too. Light tones can make a room look larger and more inviting, and dark tones can make a room look smaller if you’re not careful. Offset that effect by making sure that there’s proper lighting, and good contrast, with the walls and the furniture, to ensure that the room is properly designed.

And if you’re after something a little bit different, traditional homes also go great with various patterns! You’ll find you can choose other patterns like plank and herringbone, chevron, and other types of parquetry, meaning that if you’re wanting something a little bit unique as compared to traditional planks, you’ve got plenty of choices.

Final Thoughts

If you’re having a fun time trying to decide between flooring choices, and how these could go with the home design that you’ve always wanted, contact professionals such as the team at Kustom Timber today for expert advice. Make sure that you hire contractors who have the skills and experience to provide beautiful custom timber flooring for Melbourne homeowners, and have glowing customer reviews to back up their claims, too. After all, for your dream home, you have to get the best of the best.

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