Looking for Bluetooth speakers to use inside and outside the home? Here you have 5 off-road models

Portable Bluetooth speakers are not usually able to compete in sound quality with HiFi equipment, generally larger and more powerful. However, they offer other advantages, such as the ability to take them with us and move them from room to room in a simple way.

Some models, also, are designed so that we can take them out of the house and use them in the garden, the terrace or by the pool, something that is very good especially now in summer we spend more time outside our homes.

If you are thinking of buying one of these portable bluetooth speakers, here we propose five different models of recent creation that will meet your expectations …

Bose SoundLink Revolve


Bose has decided to join the fashion of wireless Bluetooth speakers with omnidirectional sound (360 degrees) and has done so with two new compact models in the already classic cylindrical format. These are the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus, both with one-piece aluminum housing resistant to shock and splash, with IPX4 certification and carrying handle for easy movement.

Bluetooth speakers

The driver of the speaker is located inside the 6-inch cylinder in the case of the Revolve and 7.2 inches in the Plus model, pointing down and complemented by a double passive radiator system in opposition of phase that helps improve the response in low frequencies and to minimize the resonances inside the acoustic box.

The system is helped by a diffuser that ensures that the sound is emitted in all directions, reaching all the points of the room equally, although as is usual with this type of bluetooth speakers, we probably lose part of the stereo image of the recordings. They have NFC technology for fast pairing and several microphones to receive our orders that will be transmitted to the mobile and its assistant Siri or Google Assistant.

In addition, if we install the Bose Connect application we can link several of these speakers at the same time to make them work both as a multi-room system and for stereo playback. The duration of the battery is 12 hours in the normal model and 16 hours in the Plus version, giving us the option of being able to buy a special base for a separate recharge (for an additional 30 dollars) on which to put the speaker when we use it Inside the house.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus can now be purchased on the brand’s website in various finishes (black and white colors) for $200 and $300 respectively.

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17

Bang & Olufsen launched this year the successor of the Beolit 15 self-powered loudspeaker that now comes with version number 17 maintaining the same style and design of the brand. The new B & O Beolit 17 is a wireless sound system with dimensions of 23 x 18.9 x 13.5 cm and 2.6 kilos of weight designed so that we can move easily through the different rooms of the house by placing the smartphone, source main sound, at the top.

Bluetooth speakers

With a body dominated by the huge protective grille, in its upper part we find the different control buttons with quick access keys to some functions, such as the reproduction of the last file or theme of our account in services such as Spotify.

Technically, this is a stereo system based on a 5.5-inch driver responsible for low frequencies that uses two 4-inch passive radiators to extend the range to 37 Hz without the problems of classic bass-reflex ports. Three 1.5-inch tweeters are ordered from the media and treble, all amplified with a class D system of 2×35 watts RMS.

Bluetooth speakers

In terms of connectivity, in addition to supporting Bluetooth 4.2 we have an auxiliary input of 3.5 mm and a USB-C port to recharge its internal battery of 2,200 mAh that according to the brand is capable of offering up to 24 hours of autonomy. The new Beolit 17 is now available in natural white and stone gray finishes for a recommended price of 499 dollars.

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Creative Muvo 2

Creative presented a few months ago the new Muvo 2 speakers, splash and dust proof (IP66 standard). Specifically we speak of two speakers, the Creative MuVo 2 and the Muvo 2c. They are designed with mobile phone users in mind and allow you to connect a second speaker without wires to get stereo sound.

Bluetooth speakers

Both the Muvo 2 and the 2c have a passive radiator to improve the lower frequencies. They also have a built-in MP3 player and we can play music from the MicroSD card without the need for another element. The supported formats are FLAC, WAV, WMA and MP3.

Connected to a mobile phone we can receive calls and use it as hands-free, alternating between playing music and incoming calls. And, as is already the case with other brand devices, we can configure the options using the Sound Blaster Control Panel software, available for both Windows and Mac to customize their sound, their acoustic profile, adjust the equalization settings, and even select an audio source.

Bluetooth speakers

Another novelty of this device and that do not have other speakers with content playback from the microSD card is through an application the selection of themes to play, which can give enough play at parties and meetings. Other speakers only have sequential and / or random playback.

The Muvo 2 is available in metal in the colors black, blue, red and gray; while the Muvo 2c is available in an easy grip black, blue, red and green for a price of 79.99 dollars and 49.99 dollars respectively.

Philips EverPlay 2017

This summer, Philips introduced the new members of the EverPlay wireless speaker family, three Bluetooth speakers models called BT3900, BT6900 and BT7900, all with a signal coverage range of 30 meters. Designed to take them out into the garden with adverse environmental conditions for most electronic equipment, they have IP57 certification that guarantees resistance to dust, water and small impacts.

Bluetooth speakers

The largest and most powerful is the BT7900, which has two neodymium drivers radiating sound from the front, microphone for calls in hands-free and a battery life in use of 10 hours (100 in standby mode). It is very similar to the BT6900, only that the latter has a single neodymium driver and half the power.

Finally we have the smallest, the BT3900, with flattened shape and a full-range driver of 5 cm and a passive radiator to improve the response at low frequencies. As the BT6900 has a handles that serve at the same time USB cable and its battery lasts about 8 hours to full use.

Bluetooth speakers

The new Philips Bluetooth speakers are now available in several colors for prices of 80 dollars for the BT3900, 100 dollars for the BT6900 and 130 dollars for the BT7900.

Denon Envaya

Denon announced its intention to renew the range of portable bluetooth speakers after summer. They will be the new Envaya and will start with three models, the Envaya (DSB250BT), the Envaya Mini (DSB150BT) and the Envaya Pocket (DSB50BT), all of them with built-in Bluetooth aptX.

Bluetooth speakers

Envaya without surnames is the largest of the three and is designed to be used both indoors and out in the garden. The Mini is smaller and will have enough power to sound a room of small dimensions. Finally, the Pocket is designed more for mobility and take it with us on a trip.

All the speakers will have a wireless coverage of about 10 meters and can be paired together to obtain stereo sound. They are compatible with Google Now, Siri, they will work as hands-free for the mobile and will be resistant to splashes.

Bluetooth speakers

The amplification power offered will depend directly on the size of the speaker. Thus, the largest will give us two channels of 13 watts each, the Mini 2×8.5 watts and the Pocket 2×6.5 watts. As for the batteries, they will last between 10 and 13 hours depending on the volume to which we use them.

They will arrive from October in black and gray colors for prices that will be around 170 dollars for the Envaya model, 130 for the Mini and 90 dollars for the Envaya Pocket.

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