Key Benefits of Grass-Fed Animals eating the Green, Green Grass

Humans have eaten animals for thousands of years, and during that time the method of food preparation has changed dramatically. For many years, animals were raised in green fields, eating fresh grass and natural foods. The animals were 100% natural, and the humans that ate them consumed healthy nutrients, proteins and fats. Read on to discover the many benefits of grass-fed animals.

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Higher Nutritional Content

In contrast to the healthy and happy animals of times gone by, modern animals are often confined to small crates or pens, and many will never breathe fresh air or see daylight. Intensively farmed animals are often fed waste products and given potentially harmful growth hormones and antibiotics.

These intensively farmed animals do not contain the nutrients that pasture-fed animals naturally contain. They are much less healthy than their naturally fed counterparts, and therefore the meat eaters who eat them will necessarily be less healthy.

The health benefits of grass-fed animals include higher levels of important vitamins, especially beta-carotene, vitamin E, B vitamins, thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2) and high quantities of essential omega fatty acids. The mineral content of this meat is also improved with large amounts of beneficial calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Environmental Benefits

Pasture-fed cattle are so much healthier in every way, including for the environment. This article from the BBC explains how not only do pasture-fed animals produce healthier meat, but the very process by which they are produced is greener, as there is much less need for chemical fertilisers to be applied to fields.

Every aspect of farming and food production is simplified through going back to basics. There are no negative outcomes of natural farming in terms of food preparation. The food machinery required does not differ to produce pasture-fed meat, and it is just as easy to buy used food machinery. In fact, the natural-fed cattle and other animals are better for everyone.  Some farmers will even go as far as getting a Horse sculpture from Gill Parker made to look like their favourite animal to show case on their mantelpiece.  A Horse Sculpture can also be a great gift to friends or family.

Happier, Healthier Animals

Shops that stock meat raised in a natural manner are not just feeding their customers a healthier alternative to intensively farmed meat. With pasture-fed animals, consumers can improve their health, farmers can improve the quality of their land and the animals can lead a happier, healthier and more natural life.

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