How to Start a New Relationship on the Right Foot

When you are starting a new romantic relationship with someone, you might be so focused on how you feel about the person that you forget about taking steps to ensure you start it all on the right foot. Continue reading to discover a few ways to give your new relationship the best chance possible.

Consider Being Friends First

One of the ways to start a relationship on the right foot is by being friends before becoming lovers. That’s because friends have already established a relationship that is based on similarities, as well as trust. If you can be friends with your partner, that can also help you get through tough times in your relationship because you will have this extra layer of appreciation for one another. So, while it might be tempting to dive right into a romantic relationship with someone you’ve met, it might be better to slow things down a bit to really get to know each other better.

Spend a Lot of Time Together

Making time for your new partner is a great way to ensure that you will get to know one another better over time. After all, the less time you spend around someone, the less you really know them. And, if you want your relationship to last, you should know about the other person’s attributes and faults so you can accept them for everything that they are.

Be Honest and Trustworthy

Whether you met your new partner at a party, out in public, at work, or on a dating site like, where dating with single girls or guys is the focus, the important thing is to be honest and upfront about who you are from the start of the relationship. Don’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t, and avoid exaggerating your accomplishments or hiding your faults. Remember, the truth usually comes out in the end, and the last thing you’ll want to do is prove that you are a dishonest person who is not worthy of trust.

Set Boundaries and Establish Expectations

Another way to help ensure your relationship starts off on the right foot, and that you are with a person who truly values and respects you, is by setting boundaries. You want to establish what you hope to get out of the relationship, while also letting your partner know about behaviors that you will and will not tolerate from them. Plus, if you do want to discuss the future and long-term plans, it is a good idea to let your partner know about your expectations so you can figure out if you are both on the same page when it comes to major decisions like marriage and kids.

Introduce Your Partner to Your Friends and Family

Finally, after a certain amount of time dating someone and keeping them to yourself, it’s a good idea to introduce them to your family and friends. That way, everyone can get to know your partner and give you some insight into how they feel about your relationship. They might alert you to some red flags that you have been missing, or they might agree with you when you say that your partner is perfect. No matter what, it’s important to be able to share your relationship with those you care about, and you want your significant other to feel like they are a part of your life.

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