Activated charcoal body peeling black soap

Used mainly in Asia, but also in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, activated charcoal has always been an appreciated ingredient for its purifying and absorbing properties.

Once activated, coal is charged with positive ions that act like magnets, attracting negative ions. It can therefore be used to purify the air, filter the water and retain unpleasant odors. Super absorbent, charcoal is essential for those suffering from digestive problems or delicate bowel.

Applied to the skin, it attracts sebum and impurities, eliminating them from the dermis. Characterized by a porous composition, with its cavities that trap toxins, gases and bacteria, the effectiveness of coal is undeniable: it has the power to eliminate toxins from the skin, but also to purify it and regenerate it. The coal also has illuminating properties and can be used in seasonal changes when the skin color appears gray and off: as well as for the skin it can also be used to whiten the teeth.

Black soap – body peeling

The Black Soap body peeling is an exfoliating product based on sea salt and activated charcoal, with a light massage ensures a deep cleansing of the skin and the removal of all impurities.

The ingredients are as follows:

Aqua, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Oleate, Lauryl Betaine, Glycerin, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Palm Kernelate, Palm Kernel Acid, Decyl Glucoside, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Activated Charcoal.

It thoroughly cleanses the pores by removing dirt, sebum, toxins and dead cells. At the same time it enriches the skin with nutrients, toning the skin and improving circulation.

Inside we find, in fact:

  • Coconut lio, which acts as an exfoliant and helps to remove dead skin cells, making the skin more radiant.
  • The sunflower seed oil, which strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, softens and regenerates it, n ormalising the sebaceous secretion.
  • Sal marino, also called “white gold” for its draining, toning and deterging properties.

Although the product is called “peeling”, I personally am more inclined to identify it with a real scrub: the grains are of considerable size, like coarse salt grains, so I used it with pleasure as an exfoliant for the body (although it is it can also be used on the face).

It allows to perform a very effective and invigorating exfoliation, as I like it, but at the same time the skin remains soft and hydrated because in contact with the moist epidermis a sort of soft cream is generated that makes the massage really pleasant.

Like all Black Soap products, this peeling has no fragrance, so it is perfect even for those who cannot stand cosmetics with intrusive smells or suffer from allergies.

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