Removing Wax From Your Carpet

Candles can be a wonderful addition to any home, until the first time that hot wax gets spilled on your beautiful new carpet. Then you’ll the curse the day you ever bought them. But it may not be as bad as you think, removing wax requires a little additional effort but if you follow these simple carpet cleaning tips you’ll finish the job rather quickly.

The biggest obstacle, of course, is the fact that wax starts out as a liquid when it hits the carpet only to dry fast into a harder substance. Don’t forget that it’s also hot to touch while it’s still in that liquid form.

After it’s dried, it’s cooler to the touch but it’s now bonded pretty securely to the fibers of your carpet, requiring you to heat it back up again so you can clean it all up.

Sounds like a real pain in the neck…and it is! But we’re going to try to help make it less of a hassle by offering up these steps for eradicating the mess so there are no remnants left behind and your carpet appears as good as new.

What You Need

The good news here is that removing wax from your carpet doesn’t require any special tools or solutions. Everything you need is probably in your kitchen cabinets or a closet. These include ice, a clothing iron or hair dryer, a towel, cloth, or paper bag, a dull knife, rubbing alcohol or household carpet cleaner, and a vacuum cleaner.

Blot Don’t Wipe

When that wax spills, you have seconds to get at it in it’s liquid form. So blot the spill and don’t wipe or you will drive that wax deeper into the fibers, making the mess even worse and harder to clean thoroughly. Blotting allows you to pick up the excess liquid while preventing it from penetrating beneath the surface of the carpet’s fibers.

Wax Removal

You’re going to freeze the wax with the ice, which you will need to wrap in your cloth or towel to keep any condensation from getting on the wax or carpet. Once it’s all frozen, chip away at it gently with the knife. Be careful not to cut or rip the fibers, as you don’t want to damage the carpet in the process.

This should be successful in picking up all of the wax.

Wax Removal, Second Option

Okay, maybe that didn’t get all of it. No problem. Grab a towel or cloth or that paper bag and lay it over the wax that still remains. Use your iron or hair dryer heat the wax underneath the barrier you’ve just created.

As the wax melts it should start to attach itself to your towel/cloth/paper bag and lift from the fibers of your carpet. Repeat this process until all of it has been removed and no stain remains. When you’re done use your carpet cleaner or alcohol to blot anything that’s been left behind and then vacuum the carpet.

Of course, if your wax spill proves too difficult to eliminate on your own, seek out professional carpet cleaning services in Phoenix. They have powerful cleansers and equipment to get rid of even the toughest wax stains.


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