Home Along the Sunshine Coast: What Kind of Houses are Commonly Built Here

Being the third most populated within the Australian State of Queensland; Sunshine Coast is a peri-urban area and located 100km from Brisbane and near the Coral Sea coastline. The abundance of rivers and beaches such as the Noosa River, Maroochy River, and Coolum Beach attracted many tourists.

The area’s climate is humid subtropical, and it is generally hot all season. So, it is relevant that you choose a house design that could withstand the heat. Some home builders sunshine coast offers custom designs for those who have a creative mind and could even help you determine locations for your house. Here are common designs and plans of houses around the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Single story houses: Often called bungalows in the United Kingdom. This is the cheapest among all house designs and very ideal for small families and those living alone. Even with a small lot, you could build a home. With the right planning and coordination with the right home builder, you could achieve your dream bungalow!
  2. Double-storey houses: This is most efficient if you want to double up your living space without expanding your lot. There are variations of double-storey houses, and you can customize and maximize the size of your lot. You can even put on a balcony if you want!
  3. Granny flat: This has growing popularity nowadays because this house design is intended for the elders. You build a house according to your needs. And for this house design, it is built to accommodate at least two people, which is suitable for your grandparents!
  4. Acreage: This is commonly seen in traditional lots, and wherein there is a huge gap or space within houses. In this design, you can maximize all the free space. You could build a lawn, outdoor nook and garden. This is very suitable for those green thumbs out there. And ideal for families with kids to have their own space of playground.
  5. Knockdown rebuilds: If you’re sentimental about your old home, you can rebuild or renovate it. Usually, they say that rebuilding is more expensive than building a whole new one. But it actually depends on your design plan. If there is a lot to repair and demolish, then it will be quite expensive. That’s why it is important to meet with a reliable home builder because they will guide you on how you can minimize the cost without sacrificing your house’s outcome.

With a population of almost 400,000 and still growing, Sunshine Coast is rapidly progressing. Homebuilders sunshine coast is not just tasked to build homes for those who can afford their services, but they are also responsible for everyone’s housing plans. Making sure that there will always be a space for everyone. Customization and rebuilds will be cheap if maintenance is regularly achieved. Customizing the right plan and design fit for your lifestyle and family size is essential in deteriorating costs, so choose wisely!

You’re walking on sunshine!

With the continuously growing economy in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, living or residing here is quite ideal. The country of Australia will always be ideal for every family since it has a mix of green and modern. Housing is carefully planned to ensure that even if the population is high, it won’t harm the community’s entirety.

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