Get a map before you set out.

If you are ever planning to have a good walk through an area that you are not sure about then you should definitely get a map first to study it. When it comes to wandering the Scottish Highlands, making an ascent of Snowdon or trekking in the Morne Mountains you need to have a very good idea as to what you are going to be dealing with.  Planning Maps are just one of the options that you could go for to get a good idea of the terrain. Visit the map shop for planning maps so that you can get yourself truly acquainted with the area.

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A good trek and walk is made so much better with some investment in the process. Whilst it is nice to have a few surprises along the way if you are going to be walking in some rather inhospitable places or ones that are challenging when inclement weather sets in.

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With a highly detailed map you can plan out your route to absolute perfection. It will allow you to plan out what you want to see, which viewpoints you want to stop and take in plus you will want to see if there are any pubs or tea rooms on the way to get a proper refreshment stop. Using a map can only enhance your walk and you can do it safely in the knowledge that you’ll know exactly where you are if you get into any trouble.

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