Facebook Will Give Its Employees £750 To Work From Home

A New Era For Home Working?

Tech companies like Facebook are well-known for being ahead of the curve. Their response to the current Coronavirus crisis has been no exception. The tech giant, which employs 48,000 people in 70 offices across the globe, has announced that it will extend home-working measures for its employees until at least July 2021. Acknowledging that this is a long time to be using your home as an office, Facebook has decided to give each of its employees £750 towards supplies they need for a home office.

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Facebook is not the only tech giant to have taken decisive measures to protect its staff. Twitter has announced that its employees will receive a payment of $1,000 towards home working costs. A recent restructuring means staff will be able to work from home permanently if they wish.

Google has also extended home working possibilities to its 20,000 staff, who won’t have to return to an office environment until at least 2021.

How To Build Your Home Office

Many people will have experienced issues while trying to adapt to suddenly having to work from home. Perhaps you don’t have a comfortable operator chair, or you don’t have a desk that’s the right height for you to work at all day. What would you do with a £750 payment towards building a home office? Here are some suggestions.

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1. An Operator Chair

When you start a new office job, one of the things a lot of employers will do is carry out an assessment to check you’re correctly seated. Setting your operating chair to the correct height can prevent neck and back pain. When you’re sitting comfortably, you’ll find it much easier to concentrate on your job.

2. A Desk

With working from home having been introduced at such sort notice, lots of people have found themselves working at their kitchen tables. Sick of having to move your laptop every time you want to eat, or of not having printer space? Invest in a dedicated desk that you can use for work each day.

Even if you haven’t been given money by your employer to help build your home office, investing in the correct office equipment will make your working life much happier. Buying a proper office chair and desk will save you lots of back issues in the long term.

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