Check out These Key Tips to Make Your Store More Welcoming

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When it comes to having your own business and shop, it is up to you to entice those buyers in and make sure they remain loyal customers. There are many different factors that can deter a customer from coming into your store, from an untidy shop front display, to the door being closed. It’s important to have a store that someone will shout about to their friends and family when they visit, and then this will ultimately lead to more customers and sales. Here are some important key tips to make your store more welcoming.

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Have a Bright Shop Display 

As a store, you will most likely have shop windows, so make sure to use them. If you have props and decorations in your shop window, make a clear separation from the shop items to make sure customers don’t move them around; make it tidy, make it fun, and most importantly make it a shop window that will make people stop and stare. Stick to the theme of important holidays and seasons, as this will allow you to advertise your store for free; on Christmas create a Christmas display, and on Easter create a fun easter shop window. You can even have fun vinyl stickers on the window to give it that extra piece of decoration.

Keep Your Door Wide Open 

When owning a shop, it is important to keep your door wide open for customers to come in; if your doors are closed, it won’t make your shop very welcoming, and it will ultimately lead customers to believe that it is closed. You can even leave a sign outside saying you’re open.

In winter months if you want to save energy and heating by closing your doors, make it bright and clear that you are open; include a sign on the walkway, and a big bright sign on the door – this will make it clear to customers that the shop is open. 

Make Sure your Shop is Accessible to Everyone 

When considering points to make your shop more welcoming, you need to keep those with disabilities in mind; is your shop entrance big enough to fit a wheelchair, and can they easily get around the shop? If elderly people have walkers or walking sticks, will there be precautions to minimise injuries? Mothers with prams may also find it a struggle to get around a busy cluttered store, so will you have space for them to leave their prams whilst they shop with their children? This is all about being inclusive and making sure you are welcoming everyone of all ages, backgrounds and disabilities. 

Give Your Store A Happy Feel 

If your shop is dull and drab, a customer will not likely stick around for long; be sure that your shop is bright and clean, and ultimately just make sure that it is a place that will appeal to your target audience. You could even play some fun Instore Music to lighten up the mood, this will really make customers feel welcomed, and they will find their visit to your store less boring – just make sure not to have the music on too loud so the customers can ask you questions.

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Be Happy and Approachable 

If shop workers are happy and approachable, it is more likely that a customer will talk to the worker, which will ultimately secure a sale – it benefits you to be happy. Be the first person to say hi to a customer and welcome them with a smile. If a customer looks like they are struggling to find something, ask them if they want any help, this will make you seem much more approachable; if they state that they don’t need any help, be sure to let them know that you are there if they need assistance. Body language is also an important factor in looking happy and approachable; when talking to a customer, don’t have your arms crossed, as this can make you appear unapproachable and defensive, instead have your arms by your side so you don’t look like you’re shutting yourself off – here are some more details on the ins and outs of retail worker body language.

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