4 Ways to Get your Black Friday Deals More Exposure

It’s that time of the year again, where there will be lots of promotions surrounding the holiday period.

With sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the online space is always a little noisier around this timeframe. Here are some tips to make your offers stand out and get noticed.

Do a Live Prize Draw Giveaway

Facebook Lives are definitely underutilised social media functionalities. Live video is favoured in the algorithms and give your fan base a push notification to let them know there is something important to announce.  There are a few ways to make use of this tool to boost your Black Friday offer.

You can schedule in a Facebook live to announce what the offer will be, or you could host a competition where you give away a product or service, and get them to tune in to the announcement live.

Send out an Email Campaign

If you use email marketing frequently it is likely that you already have your lists segmented so they are in specific interest groups.  It could be that a particular group of contacts have a higher open rate when it relates to a specific product, or that they are more likely to click through if there is a coupon available.

Make sure you strategise your Black Friday emails and tailor them to the recipient for the best results. There will be a lot of companies working on holiday email marketing campaigns, so make sure yours stands out.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown, and the holiday period is the perfect time to test it out.  Seek out influencers who are relevant to your product/service, have a large following, but more importantly, have an engaged audience.  You shouldn’t have an issue finding an influencer that will fit within your marketing budget.

Some influencers will have standard packages however you can negotiate deals with them. Remember to ask them to send on some stats, so you can gauge whether they match your requirements. They should readily send you screenshots.

Create a Funnel Page to Lead Users to

One of the biggest mistakes people make when pushing deals or offers is not having a relevant landing page to send the user to.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to make a purchase or booking, so having a dedicated form or set of instructions for this is important for conversion rates. If you don’t want to invest in changes with your development agency to complete the work, or you aren’t handy with website updates/changes – there are easy to use funnel builders that include templates for you to work from.

If you are already working on your Black Friday campaigns, make sure you make the most of the mediums that are available to you and plan.  Something like Facebook lives might be new to you, but sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone!

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