Wedding MakeUp – Top 5 Ideas

The wedding day, in which you associate your destiny with your loved one, must be very special, perfect “from” and “before”. In many respects, how you will look on the main holiday in your life and how to get to the photos depends on how competent your wedding makeup will be.

Wedding make up is the same important item in the image of the bride, as is the dress. We studied all the trends in the direction of wedding makeup 2018 and made a selection of the most beautiful and interesting options. Study that on the day of the wedding (as well as in the photo and, of course, on the video) look amazing. There are many kinds of wedding makeup that you can apply, including for this event. One of the most common is the natural option.

Wedding makeup: what needs to be considered?wedding make up

Before you go to a make-up artist or buy cosmetics yourself (if you want to do everything yourself), you need to approximately imagine what exactly you need.

Thinking about wedding make-up, professionals consider:

  • shape and proportionality of different parts of the face;
  • eye color ;
  • hair color;
  • natural skin tone (light, dark, etc.).

Also, the style of dress that you have chosen is important. Only in view of all this, you can choose wedding hairstyles and makeup, which can best emphasize your beauty and correctly conceal the shortcomings.

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Light, natural, but at the same time expressive – this should be the best wedding make-up-2016. From the use of saturated contrasting colors, it is better to refrain, because in the trend of natural shades. Here are a few simple options that you can take as a basis.

Retro Wedding makeupwedding make up

This option is ideal for a wedding in retro style. Perfect shape of eyebrows and dark red lipstick on the lips allow to emphasize the look and make the image truly elegant. A completed image will help the smoky wedding eye makeup, and, of course, long fluffy eyelashes.

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Natural shadewedding make up

Natural wedding makeup is very popular and suitable for everyone. The main secret of success is an elaborate palette of shades. For example, the wedding make-up of the eyes was created using peach, brown and tender pinkish shades.

Note that the lips can be left natural, only slightly emphasizing them with the help of a translucent luster or fashionable nude lipstick. To have a skin acquired a radiant and healthy appearance, use a peach blush.

Makeup for brunetteswedding make up

Classic bridal makeup for brunettes, despite its simplicity, allows you to almost completely transform the appearance, and even the “gray mouse” to turn into a fatal lady. Light tone and contouring of the face give clarity, which is especially important for successful shooting.

Shadows should be of natural neutral shades, but they are applied in small amounts. The main emphasis is on the lips – in this version they should be highlighted with bright red lipstick.

Makeup for green eyeswedding make up

Looking for the perfect wedding makeup for green eyes? Consider that you found it. However, he as well will suit the owner of gray and blue eyes. Smoky gray-black shades will give an image of mystery, and natural color pinkish-beige color of lips will create a feeling of tenderness and romanticism, make make-up truly harmonious and elegant.

Makeup for the brown eyeswedding make up

Beautiful wedding makeup for the brown eyes. Semitransparent pink shades in combination with a warm brownish tint, emphasizing the fold of the eyelid, allow you to visually enlarge your eyes.

An interesting move is a thin, slightly shaky arrow that creates the illusion of lush lashes.

Wedding makeup-2018: tips for stylists

Minimum of colors. Images that combined a large number of different shades have long been irrelevant. In general, for the basis, you can take any version of make-up from the 20-30-is of the last century. Look through the old albums – how natural and at the same time, our grandmothers looked elegant!

Natural Lips. In no case should not increase them on the eve of the wedding. And in terms of cosmetics at the peak of popularity – matte lipsticks soft natural shades.

No powder! Whatever qualitative it may be, it, in any case, creates a “mask effect” that can completely ruin the wedding bride’s makeup. It is best to use special matting napkins.

False eyelashes. A great alternative to several layers of mascara. Although the price of wedding makeup with false eyelashes will be higher, you will not regret the money spent. After all, at least you will be sure that nothing has flowed and not smeared over a long day, the cilia are not stuck together, and your view enchants and fascinates in every photo.

Silver and gold. As for the popular color scheme, then in the trend – light metallic shades. They are suitable for almost everyone and allow, using a minimum of make-up, to make the image vivid and spectacular. Girls of a warm color are more suitable for gold, and silver shades, respectively, “winter” lady.


One of the most significant events in the life of every girl is a wedding. On this day everything should be perfect. Representatives of the fair sex pay attention to every detail, including the right make-up. In fact this day the bride should shine in all beauty. In this article, we will look at the main features of a wedding makeup, as well as how to create an individual bow correctly. All brides dream to realize the wedding of their dreams. At the same time, every girl wants this day to be the most compelling and attractive. That’s why you should pay special attention to the wedding makeup.






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