Top TV shows you can Wager on Today

When most people think of wagering, they think of sports – and that’s no surprise. Sports betting is big business with billions wagered around the world every year. But did you know you can also wager on TV shows?

Betting on alternative markets such as reality TV has grown in popularity and most major bookmakers now accept wagers on a host of novelty bets including TV shows, Oscars, and politics. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top TV shows, you can wager on today.

The Got Talent Franchise

This TV smash is basically a talent show covering every type of skill imaginable from singing and dancing to comedy and performing dogs. It began as a pilot show in the UK called Britain’s Got Talent and has now spread to more than 70 countries around the globe. It has also spawned licensed games such as Britain’s Got Talent Slingo Bingo on Paddy Power and the BGT Electronic Board Game. The show is popular amongst bettors with odds made available at the start of the season.

The Eurovision Song Contest

This show might baffle American audiences who have never seen it due to the amount of European eccentricity on display that often features in the annual contest finale. Despite all that, it’s the one TV show (aside from sporting events) that brings the whole continent of Europe together for one night in a shared TV experience, with close to 200 million tuning in. Betting begins weeks before the show when the final acts are announced by the participating countries. A handful are then eliminated at the semi-final stage before the Grand Final is staged, usually at the end of May. In 2021, the bookies called it right as pre-tournament favorites Maneskin of Italy went on to win the whole show with their glam-rock-inspired entry, Zitti E Buoni.

The Masked Singer

While many top singing shows such as The Voice, American Idol, or the X Factor were born in the UK or USA, the Masked Singer originated in South Korea back in 2015 and already has more than 40 international versions. The show features celebrities who perform in elaborate costumes that hide their identity. The studio or live audience (depending on the country) then vote for their favorite, with the artist with the fewest votes being unmasked. In addition, a panel of guests also try to identify the singers from clues given. The American version has been won by the likes of rapper T-Pain, Comedian Wayne Brady, and singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes. Players can wager on who is behind a certain mask or the identity of the winning celebrity.

These are just a couple of examples of top TV shows that bookmakers have offered betting markets on in the last few years. Other examples including the Bachelor, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and Big Brother.  What will be the next big show to be a hit with bettors?

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