The Rise of Live Casinos Are an Important Reminder for Digital Marketers

All marketers understand the importance of real-time marketing. Understanding consumer trends and adjusting content to participate in real-time events can be the deciding factor in their online presence surpassing competitors. Yet, while brands focus on real-time posting and tweeting, many forget about a function that meets the same goals — live features. Recently, online casinos have reminded the marketing world of the importance of live attractions.

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Online Casinos Are Prioritizing Live Social Interaction

Online casinos have been on the rise since 1994 when the first online gambling venue opened to the public. Today, online gambling is a billion-dollar global industry. Since the 90s, the sector has evolved and introduced game-changing innovations — one being the live casino. Humans are social creatures, so even though many enjoyed having the opportunity to play casino games on their laptops and phones without leaving their homes, the feeling of social interaction was missing. Live casinos provide the same principles of casino games, but rather than have individuals bets taken by random number generators, real people working in casinos take them. Players can interact in real time with the live dealers via a chat interface and try out games such as Quantum Roulette or Monopoly Live.

This prioritization — and popularity with gamblers — of live social interaction by online casinos has reminded neighboring industries that no matter how much of their ad spend they put toward thought-provoking videos, nothing beats live interaction with other people. Among those to learn this lesson are the finance and automobile sectors.


The popularity of online casinos that offer live functions is undeniable, but ‘live’ is a term that describes a broad field. For instance, Experian, a credit reporting company, jumped on the live trend and utilized one of its many branches: live streaming. Live streaming provides new opportunities to interact with an audience, regardless of the industry. For instance, decades ago, talking about debt, credit, and student loans would have been an intimating experience in a strict environment. Today, Experian has employed live streaming to rid this reputation and better engage with its audience weekly. Using the hashtag #creditchat, Experian uses live video for chatting about everything credit.


The rise of smartphones has allowed live casinos to thrive, just as they have let individuals across the globe watch live streams, whether they’re on public transport or sitting on their couches. The automobile industry utilized this reality in 2015 when Nissan streamed the launch of its 2016 Maxima at the New York Auto Show. General Motors did something similar the same year after the company Facebook live-streamed its rollout of the Chevy Volt EV. Viewers were able to comment on the launch in the comments section of the stream. Both are great examples of taking advantage of live streaming. After all, why release news with a social media post when you can generate buzz with a live stream and reach people who might not otherwise be able to attend an event?

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The platforms that incorporate live functions into their services are those with a competitive edge. The rise of live casinos has been a constant reminder to marketing teams at companies like Experian and Nissan that live social interaction must be prioritized in future marketing efforts.

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