The Next Gen: How Do They Stack Up?

A few weeks ago the tech market was abuzz with talk with new releases being announced left and right – the PC enthusiasts were greeted with new offerings from both Nvidia and AMD as new graphics cards and processors were announced, further news around Apples next flagship device started to swirl, and perhaps the biggest at the time had been the announcement from both Sony and Microsoft as to what fans could expect from their next generation consoles – with holiday season quickly approaching, how are the next gen consoles looking now that fans have had a chance to take a bit of a deep dive?

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The biggest change seen is perhaps within the price, particularly with Sony’s offering – for the first time in the storied history of consoles, a full-powered version of the console will be released at a lower cost factoring in the huge shift to digital that has been seen in recent years. Microsoft have yet to announce anything similar and will instead follow their old pattern of offering a lower powered console at a cheaper price, but the success of the slimmed down PS5 could force the hand of Microsoft in the future to also offer a version of the console that operates in the digital space only.

It’s also important to take a look at the changes to the architecture that has allowed the use of the 4K resolution and stepping up the framerate during gaming – consoles have been previously limited to a lower resolution and locked to 30fps, which has shown its limitations over the years, but pushing the boundaries forward allows more flexibility in how developers can approach new titles and may also allow consoles to move toward the competitive space that has largely been dominated by the PC platform.

There has been one questioned largely overlooked however – how will the current smartphone market impact the next generation of consoles? Whilst each platform has typically had its very separate market, the lines between which users which device are starting to muddy a little especially as mobile gaming has become so popular, this has been especially true throughout recent months with the ongoing pandemic as despite changes to regulation and rules, a growing number of different gaming servers and betting sites which best casinos list them here have found tremendous growth and show no signs of stopping – whilst it’s widely accepted the newest consoles will be a huge success, a question may be how this will compare to the growing demand for the mobile gaming market and if it can impact the dedicated sector.

It may not be all that long until we find out either – November marks the release of both consoles, and the holiday period will be extremely busy for reviewers alike to check out the consoles and take a fine comb through the ups and downs – for now they certainly stack up very well and are looking to really step things up from the previous generation, but we may see the pitfalls start to show later on.

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