Stay Warm whilst you Check Out these Winter-Themed online Slots

Staying indoors where it’s warm and cosy is a no-brainer during the cold winter months. But finding ways to entertain yourself and have a little fun is a whole other story! So, why not grab your blanket and a hot mug of tea whilst you settle down to have your pick from our top selection of online casino games!

Wild Gambler: Arctic Adventure

Allow us to introduce you to Wild Gambler: Arctic Adventure. This exciting adaptation of the original Wild Gambler game swaps out the sweltering Plains of Africa for the icy stretch of the Arctic. Gameplay starts from as little as £0.20, and by paying a slight premium on each spin, you can activate a lock on any Wilds on the reels, to increase the prize pot on offer.

Rolling in three or more matching symbols will pay out anything from 10 times your initial stake, to 1000 times that first bet. This is only topped by using the power of those locked Wilds, as they have the ability to further multiply your wins by five.

Surrounded by snow, ice, and multiple acclimatised characters such as penguins and polar bears, this slot is guaranteed to help spur you onto winning massive jackpots worth up to £50,000. If you enjoyed creating winning combos playing the original Wild Gambler game, then you are sure to love this alternative winter-themed adaptation, as the core of the game remains alongside everything else that we love most about the original!

Ice Cave

Moving on to the next winter-themed slot game, Ice Cave. This game is based on Norse mythology as you meet the Jarl, Valkyries, Ravens, Longships and the legendary Fenrir the wolf as you clash against the elements in this five-reel, 20 paylines extravaganza.

Gameplay starts from only £0.20 and has a maximum bet of £20.00. The game includes Ice Wilds, which replace symbols when they land on the third or fourth reels, and can multiply your winnings three times. The symbols will be frozen in place giving you access to even more winning combinations, and also the possibility to increase your stake by 50%.

Another bonus feature to look out for in this game is the Hammer Wild, this replaces symbols like any other Wild, but also adds a three times multiplier.

Hainan Ice

If winter isn’t your thing, and the only ice that you want to see is floating in the top of your drink, then we’ve got the perfect game for you! And don’t feel bad for shrugging off the icy seasons, even birds fly to the tropics during the winter months! So, let’s take a trip to this tropical island where the sand is warm and not a drop of snow is to be seen!

Gameplay starts from as little as 0.25 coins and there are a total of 243 winning combinations to be tiggered. The main symbols you’ll need look out for are fruits. These can range from pineapples and grapes, to peaches and coconuts. The main aim of the game, aside from rolling in those winning combinations, is to collect mega symbols that will fill up the fruit metres at the side of the screen that can earn you up to 10x multipliers and bonuses as you play!



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