Reasons to avoid copy-paste in your online store or e-commerce

Many retail or retail web pages feed on products they purchase from a wholesaler, and instead of creating their own product descriptions, they copy-paste the information. What a mistake! Here we tell you why.

Although due to laziness, habit, lack of time or lack of information, many small online businesses opt for the practice of copying and pasting the information of the wholesaler directly on the web, we are going to explain the reasons why this practice is totally inadvisable.

First of all, duplicate content is any text repeated on more than one web page, either on or off your own site. This is what happens when a page of your site appears in different URLs, but also when a spammer copies a text from your site, modifies it slightly and pastes theirs.

Reasons to reject duplicate content in your online business

Content is king: You must remember that in your online store customers want to access product images, multimedia material and detailed descriptions of what they are going to buy before confirming their purchase. The objective of the text is explanatory and enriching for the client, from the welcome wording and reviews of the products or the blog of your e-commerce. Neglecting textual content can lead to consumer rejection and loss of online reputation.

You can have little or no visibility in search engines: To succeed and reach your audience niche, it is essential that you have a good positioning in the search engines through a powerful and well-crafted SEO strategy around the keywords related to your industry. The practice of copying and pasting information from other websites has no place, since it is one of the things that Google penalizes when considering e is a factor that reduces the quality of your page.

Google penalty to your PageRank: Therefore, it is recommended that instead of copying identical information from the wholesaler’s platform, links to the manufacturer’s or distributor’s website for those customers who want more detailed information and design your own descriptions.

Loss of potential links, not knowing which page to direct them: Reject the copy-paste and focus your efforts on having a solid link building strategy that allows you to get organic and quality inbound links, increasing your PageRank and therefore your search engine position.

The original author’s claims for plagiarism: This practice of copy-paste can also get you into legal battles, the consequences of which can lead to a significant financial outlay, a negative brand image and loss of visibility.

An overly technical language puts the customer back: As in traditional commerce, your job should be to offer these products to the consumer translated into a language that is affordable, enjoyable and clear to them. Many manufacturers or wholesalers focus on features or express the benefits of their products in a technical way and for someone who has advanced knowledge, so that the end user lacks information to interpret them. Rewriting this data will help you sell more.

You do not add value: Avoid copy-paste and add value to the consumer who is going to buy in your online store. For example, you can provide usage tips and tricks so that they take advantage of their purchase, differentiating yourself from large e-commerce stores that cannot afford to be so punctilious and detailed with respect to each product they sell. Thus, you will shorten your emotional distance with the consumer and humanize your brand.

You will attract fewer customers: The copy-paste of the manufacturers’ pages makes you stay in the mere technical information. If you want to gain visits, have a pleasant and customer- friendly online store, generate your own content and spread it through social networks such as Facebook to attract more users and direct more traffic to your business.

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