Keep your fabric structure sound for life

If you have made the excellent decision to invest in a tensile fabric structure for your premises, you might want to know how you can keep it in sound condition for as long as possible. You need to make sure that you are not risking its integrity by failing to stay on top of its maintenance, and you will also want to avoid costly problems by finding potential issues early. Read on for some top tips for keeping your tensile fabric structure in tip-top condition for its entire lifetime.

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Annual Service

An annual service is the best way to keep your structure in sound condition for life. An annual service will include a thorough inspection of the integrity of the fabric and the framework. This may highlight areas that require preventative work on potentially damaged spots before it turns into an even bigger problem and costs you significantly more to repair. This annual inspection should also check that the structure looks exactly how it should.

Bi-annual cleaning

In addition to a yearly service, a tensile fabric structure should be cleaned at least twice a year to keep it in excellent condition. Thorough cleaning will keep it looking great and can prevent mould or other buildup that might cause it to deteriorate quicker than you’d like. If your Tensile Fabric Structures from Spatial Structures has been erected in close proximity to certain foliage, it may require cleaning even more frequently.

If your structure has been installed by an established firm such as , they will be able to advise you on how frequently it should be cleaned.

Ad-hoc checks

You should also give your structure an inspection after any significant weather events. This can include storms, hurricanes or perhaps a particularly cold snap of several days of snow. Inclement weather can affect Tensile Fabric Structures just as it can affect traditional buildings, and ensuring you have the correct buildings insurance will also protect your structure.

If you stay on top of maintenance with annual services, twice-yearly cleaning and ad-hoc checks after weather events, you will be able to get the very most out of your fabric tensile structure, ensuring it lives to the end of its maximum life expectancy. It’s also wise to make sure you have the right buildings insurance for your structure.


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