How to use butterflies to decorate?

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The butterflies can become decorative elements with a lot of possibilities. If you are one of those people who love this animal you cannot miss the ideas I teach you today to use butterflies to decorate.

You will be able to do it in many different ways and with varied styles. You have many designs and materials so that they always fly close to you. Let’s see how to use them …

Butterflies to decorate your party

If you are preparing a children’s party, a birthday or a christening, butterflies can help you create a beautiful decoration. You can put them on the walls, create a very colorful hanging decoration or use them in the containers of the drink, for example, either in the straw as we see in the example of the photograph or even stuck in the glasses or bottles themselves. If it’s for a children’s decoration, pastel colors and simple shapes will look great.

butterflies to decorate

Butterflies to decorate the wall

Now I want to show you a simple manual to use butterflies to decorate your wall. The idea is from a blog and it consists of printing a butterfly silhouette on colored cards or a normal folio that you will later transfer to eva rubber, felt or other material that you like.

Choose the butterfly shape take it to the paper or material you prefer. Cut it out (all the same or making some smaller ones and bigger ones) and fold them a little so they have some volume. You can do it by simply wrapping the butterfly around a pencil, for example.

Afterwards, it will only be stuck on the wall. Use double-sided tape, for example, and make the composition as you like. You can cut out butterflies of the same color, of different colors, with the same or different shape … Let your imagination fly!

Here, for example, we have opted for a very cool design in black and white tones and with different shapes. They have stuck to the wall as if they came out of a vase; in fact, other vases have been stuck in the vase itself.

butterflies to decorate

Butterfly stickers

The fastest and perhaps easiest way to decorate with butterflies may be to place adhesive vinyl. In the market you will find many different designs, not all have to be childish as there are also for the living room or for the bedroom of the elderly. It is about finding the shape, color or pattern that best fits in the place where you want to paste.

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Butterflies for children’s rooms

The children’s rooms are places where butterflies always look good. They are colorful and cheerful and the children love them. You can, for example, put butterflies on vinyl on the doors of the cabinets, also on the walls, use a wallpaper with this pattern, make a hanging design with paper, stick them on the headboard, on the desk, make a lamp in Butterfly shape or choose this animal for textile printing.

butterflies to decorate

Butterflies to decorate other objects

If you want to add a special touch to a box you can stick small wooden butterflies on it, for example. They will give volume to the container and allow you to customize it to the maximum. If you like crafts you can even decorate the butterfly itself.

Butterflies to decorate the tables of a wedding

You can also introduce them, for example, in the decoration of wedding tables, with a light and very simple design with which you can give a unique touch to the center of the month a. It will be especially good if the wedding has a country style, as it will seem that the butterflies of the field flutter among the guests.

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