How to make a cake in Minecraft

If the best games in the world are going to be discussed, Minecraft cannot be absent. Because thanks to its beautiful graphics in the form of a box and its ability to let you do what you want, this title was crowned king. For this very reason that you can do almost anything, is that today you will learn how to make a cake or cake in Minecraft.

And it is not for less to learn little by little all the things that this game brings because there are many objects and materials that can be obtained to combine and create different ones. With that in mind and so that you don’t get overwhelmed, you better read this little tutorial.

Necessary materials and their obtainingHow to make a cake in Minecraft

Logically, before you can make a cake or cake in Minecraft, you have to first have each and every one of the necessary ingredients in your inventory. These are not difficult to get any more however some require a certain time to appear.

This makes the process of making the cake at the beginning of the game somewhat tedious, but actually very easy, and once you have advanced you will do it without even blinking.

Now, the necessary ingredients are the following: three cubes of milk, two of sugar, three of wheat, and one egg. As you can see there are many, so you have to explain how to obtain each one little by little.

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Get the milk

Grabbing milk in Minecraft is a process that takes time if you do not know how to do it, but it is actually very easy, you just have to get a cow and right-click with a bucket on its udder to fill it with milk.

To make it easier for you, you must enclose the cow with fences and place a block under it, in order to achieve faster extraction.

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Sugar and egg

These are the easiest to get since you obtain them naturally, the eggs are laid by the chickens or released when they are killed, and the sugar is obtained by cutting down sugar cane and then placing the pieces you collect on a table to convert them.

As for advice with chickens as with cows, it is good that you enclose them with fences as a farm and make them reproduce to get more eggs, this will make the process of making a cake or pie in Minecraft become faster And simple.

The wheat

Finally, there is wheat, which is achieved by planting the seeds that the plants give in a box of the earth that has been treated with the hoe and that is around water, once it has grown there, you just have to extract it and that’s it.

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Make a cake or pie in MinecraftHow to make a cake in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get all the ingredients, it is time to combine them to create the cake, and for this, you have to place them in this specific order on the work table:

In the first row three cubes of milk are placed, one in each square, in the second row put, in the first square sugar, in the second the egg, in the third again sugar and finally in the third-row place wheat in each square.

If you’ve done it right you should be able to pick up your cake by now This is only used to eat it, however, it has the peculiarity that it is not completely consumed when eating it once, it takes up to 6 attempts to finish it, making it one of the best items to take for exploration.

And voila, with the above you definitely know how to make a cake or cake in Minecraft, now go to the game and enjoy this new function that you just learned, which will make your life easier.

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