How to Make a Book in Minecraft

If you want to know how to make a book in Minecraft, today we give you all the steps to get your library.

Books have various uses in this game, in addition to serving to create the library they also serve to make enchantments, to store them, and of course, to simply write.

Although making books is quite simple, the difficult thing comes when you have to find all the ingredients. Now, once you have them, you can create a farm where there is never a lack of paper or leather.


1.- Get sugar cane. How? Following those worlds in which there is a coastline, so you will most likely find it near the water, but in warm environments. When you find it, break it with a tool or with your own hands.

2.- Make a farm for sugar cane. Since it will not be an easy task to find it, save to plant before making paper. Placing a cane in the ground is enough to plant it, but for it to grow you must plant in soil, grass, mulch, sand, and have at least a block of water.

3.- Make paper with three sugar canes. This is very easy, you just have to fill a row on the construction table with three sugar canes to get three sheets of paper, the minimum to make a book.

4.- Get leather hunting. Finding cows is usually easy while finding horses is more difficult because they are only on the savanna or plains. For every animal you hunt, you will get up to 2 pieces of leather.

For each book, you will need a piece of leather, if you want to make a lot of books, attract cows to your fence by planting wheat to have more leather.

5.- To make books, combine paper and leather on the construction table. Put one of leather and three of paper to start your own bookstore once and for all.

Finally, and although this is not so easy, if you do your best to search, you may find a book in towns , libraries or forts’ chests.

With the book in addition to writing and getting a library, you can save an enchantment to use it when it suits you best.

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