How to kill time whilst waiting for your next Bingo game to start

Whilst Bingo may be your one true love, you should expect to have some time to kill between online games, as you wait for the rest of the players to join. Whether you get your Bingo fix at, or another popular casino site, there will be a huge range of other gaming options to entertain you as you wait. One of our top recommendations is undoubtedly online scratch cards, which also save you from going down to your local shop to buy the physical paper cards. Read on as we talk you through some of our favourite online options!

10K Scratch

Play your game big and bold with this high-class scratch card, offering up the chance to win a tantalising £10K grand prize. All that’s required from you is to scratch off the symbols on the screen, to reveal whatever rewards lay behind them. These symbols range include the following options: dollar signs, four-leaved clovers and wrapped presents. You’ll get to play with each of these icons as the online scratcher takes you through five mini games on each round.

Unveil three images in a row and you’ll be in for a reward! Finding a series of nine numbers behind the dollar signs will give you a reasonable payout, whilst three of the regal crowns holds the key to bagging that huge £10,000. Scratch off three gold bullions and you can win £1,000, whilst three number sevens offers up £100. You may also encounter horseshoes, bells and keys as you rub away the top symbols, which will give you lesser, but still beneficial, rewards.

Ghosts of Christmas

These days, no one wants to be a scrooge, so don’t let any bad luck follow you into the festive period and have a crack at this Christmas scratcher. With this game, you can enjoy the joy and delights of Christmas all year round, all whilst having the chance to put a bit of extra money in your back pocket.

You can play this online scratch card from as little as 0.10 credits, with potential wins of up to 16,000 coins! Worth a shot, if you ask us! Christmas bells will ring in the background of your game, simply adding to the yuletide theme. All you have to do to grab your piece of the action is click on the symbols you want to scrub off, going on to unveil a whole host of festive characters including a turkey, grim reaper and a reflection of the infamous old man character, in his happier times. If you find three of the old men in a row then you’ll be looking at a win of up to 800 coins. The size of your wager will determine the size of your future payout – if you choose to bet the maximum two coins then you could very well be looking at a win of 16,000 coins! What’s more, you can also activate the autoplay function, if you like your games speedy, which will allow you to race through as much as 100 games with just a single click.

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