How To Create Your Own Family Game Night

Gathering the whole family for a fun game night might sound like an absolutely challenging task. Most children would rather spend their free time with friends or watching TV instead of playing board games with mom and dad, not to mention the great potential of agitation, and tantrum outburst due to losing. However, there exists a fantastic way to create a soothing, interesting, and above all a fun family game night with everybody participating and enjoying without a complaint. Sounds impossible? Not at all! Here are some entertaining ideas to create a long-lasting game night tradition with your loved ones.

Set the date

To create a flabbergasting family tradition, you might want to start with selecting the perfect date and timing. Try to pick the most suitable time for your family’s schedule. Consider their chores and obligations. Have in mind the school duties, homework, and workload. Set one day in the week that is most convenient for everyone and in that way you would always have a ready and cheerful crowd.

Pick the right game

Here comes the demanding task. Always aim to listen to everyone’s preferences, but try to agree upon the game one day before. In this way, you would avoid spending one hour arguing about which game to play. If some of the family members are off on the university in another city or state, no need to break the tradition – just switch to playing some games online here. Nowadays there are numerous fun games that you can play together online and not skip the habit. You can all play together at the same time and never miss out on the fun.

Get snacks

Teens tend to get reluctant with the family game night in time, however, the best way to allure them is by the smell of pizza. Nothing beats eating delicious pizza in combination with an interesting board game. In other cases, instead of ordering food, you can get some snacks that are not high in cholesterol and spice up the game night thrill. Make the game night even more fun by having the winner pick next game night’s food order or have the loser cook the dinner.

Maintain an order

Don’t let the family game night be a parenting discipline technique. The goal is to have fun not to exercise power. Firstly, to maintain order and keep the fun throughout the night, try to avoid arguing about rules. You don’t need to follow all of them, on the contrary, it might even more enticing not to play by the rules. Next, try choosing a moderator. Since everybody might shout or argue, choosing a person who would keep that order and track the flow of the game. Also, to keep the fun going establish a different person to be the moderator every other time.

The most popular family games

Finally, here are some top-notch family games that will make your family game night alluring and a top-notch experience.


Always a great laugh. Prepare a set of items to draw while focusing on the time limit. Your team member must guess what you are drawing asap.


Make a twist of this classic family game. Instead of plain items, people, or movie titles, choose song titles, famous quotes, cartoons, or historical characters. This will both turn into an educational and invigorating experience.

The whisper challenge

The chances are that probably everybody in the house shouts. Shouting may not sound like a find thing to do, but combining it within a game and you have fantastic family fun. The game is simple: divide into teams and prepare a list of words that are common but difficult to pronounce. Get a wireless headphone to play extremely loud tunes. As one team member listens to loud music, he needs to pronounce or read “from the mouth” what his partner is saying. Prepare for a lot of shouting and laughing.

Either once a week or once a month, do your best to make family game night a fun and loving routine. A family that plays together – sticks together.

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