How to choose a backpacking backpack?

Choosing well the backpack that will accompany us transporting our essentials during our trip is essential to be able to enjoy the adventure. To choose a backpacking backpack, you will need to base yourself on the length of your trip, the places you will visit, and the transportation. Here we tell you everything, pay attention and you can choose the most appropriate.

How to choose a backpacking backpack?

Here, the choosing backpack guidelines described step by step for your ease:

Step 1

In the same way that when we choose a mountain backpack to travel backpacking, it is also essential to get the size right. The length of your torso, which is measured from the base of the neck to the waist, will mark the size of your backpack. You must travel with a suitable backpack to avoid back pain.

Step 2

The backpack you choose must also necessarily have a rigid structure that is attached to your back. This piece is called the frame and is responsible for transmitting the load’s weight to the belt.

Step 3

The belt, precisely, is another essential when choosing your backpacking backpack. You should always wear the belt of the backpack fastened. When choosing, make sure that the belt grips well to the sides of your hips and does not let the weight fall. If you are a woman, you should choose a specific backpack that leaves the belt above the hips and that the distribution of the fastening straps does not affect the position of the breasts.

Step 4

Other small details may help you choose between one backpack or another when buying it. The backpack must have an external pocket to store things that you will use often, but it should not have too many since they will deform the backpack’s shape and make it more uncomfortable.

Step 5

It is also usually very useful to have an intermediate zipper that allows you to open the backpack in half and be able to take what you need more comfort. Another positive point when choosing a backpack is that it has a rain cover to protect our belongings.

Step 6

As important as choosing your mountaineering backpack well is to organize it and distribute the weight appropriately. If you meet these two requirements, you will avoid back pain and knee problems.

The 5 backpacks for easier transport:

Let’s look below which backpack suits your demand:

The fashion backpack

If species that decide that to travel, you have to carry as many comforts as possible. It seems like a joke, but we have found them all over the world. People who travel with 80-liter and 25-kg backpacks on their back. For us, it is essential to be realistic and assume that a backpacking trip requires doing without certain amenities. The road will be in charge of rewarding you with other things that are priceless or fit in a backpack.

The novice backpack

It is a version of the previous one, although it is not so much his desire to go to the last but rather the ignorance and the mythical “just in case.” I’m taking two sunglasses with me. In case it cools. I am taking a neater outfit. These are totally understandable thoughts, but they end up becoming the kind of things that make us overfill our backpacks. The backpack ends up weighing 20 kg and you see its carriers walking down the road with regret and effort. Luckily, experience makes perfect and it is very likely that along the way, they will shed what they do not need. Thus, they end up being part of the following category:

The hardened backpack

This is the format in which we would classify ourselves. Backpacks between 45 and 60 liters that carry a maximum of 8-10 kg. Just enough clothes, some toiletries, photo kit, documents, tent, mat, backpack, and kitchenette. Just enough and necessary, which should fit in about 50 liters and about 8 kg. If we invest a little in the mountain material (we already told you how to choose your tent). Now, if you are bloggers or digital nomads or artisans, add to that the two or three kg that you will carry in technology or raw materials. We, who started with the two activities, came out very loaded. In Spain, we had to give up handicrafts because it was unsustainable (literally). Now we travel with about 11-12 kg each. Of course, if you are to take many cheap flights, you should go to the following category:

The ultralight or extreme backpack

It is that species that has decided to do without almost all the luxuries. He carries a backpack of no more than 30 liters, with less than 6 kg on his back. They do without almost everything and spend a lot of money on ultralight equipment. Few clothes, ultralight sleeping bag with which they freeze in cold climates, and just a few toiletries. One of the biggest advantages is that you can take cheap flights, on low-cost planes, without having to check in your backpack. We did it on a 20-day trip to the Colombian Caribbean in 2016 and it went very well, but of course, winter would be something else.

The backpacker without a backpack

This is very rare to see, but there is a current among some travelers who argue that the road is capable of providing everything you need. They don’t carry a backpack and carry everything they need in the pockets of those scout pants that I personally hate so much. Of course, you can take low-cost flights without any problem. For us, it is simply unthinkable, but each one to his own.

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