How to Begin Planning for All-on-4

Oral hygiene and care are among the most important investments that you can make on yourself. If you have lost your teeth for one reason or another, it might take a toll on your self-confidence, and it could also affect your physical health in the long run. The best way to get a new set of healthy functional teeth for yourself is to opt for advanced implants with all-on-4 planning.

To get permanent implants, you will need to undergo a medical procedure involving that is minimally invasive. For great results, you will need to be in ideal health condition. It is essential to not only focus on one stage of the operation process but rather every stage before the medical procedure. The aftercare is also vital.

These are some of the steps that you need to undertake.

1. Pre-operative evaluation phase

Good overall health is crucial if you are about to undergo any invasive procedure. Being healthy will reduce your recovery time, and it will also help you enjoy successful results in the long run. Within this phase, there are things that you should and shouldn’t do.

First, you need to be intentional with your diet because what you eat will significantly determine your healing process. The main thing to remember is to avoid taking any foods that may have adverse effects on your bone strength, coagulation and wound healing.

Moreover, you will need to inform your doctors about any current medications that you could be taking. This is important because certain medications affect the surgical procedure or how your body reacts. Thus, they may need to be eliminated or changed.

Lastly, it will be essential to stop smoking if you are a smoker because it is a high-risk behavior for all surgical procedures. In all-on-4 processes, smoking could lead to infections in your gums and teeth, potentially resulting in the implants’ rejection. As your surgeon is evaluating, you ensure that you answer their question honestly and accurately.

That is vital because it will give your doctor an accurate picture of your health status. Certain lifestyle habits are detrimental to the surgery, and you should also remember to divulge information about your lifestyle.

2. Preparing for the implants

After ensuring that you are healthy, the next phase is the imaging process. It involves taking a CT scan of your entire oral cavity. This is necessary to establish the level of bone deterioration. Your surgeon will also have to take impressions of both your lower and upper arches so that they can create a set of teeth that will be used as your new implants.

3. Preparation right before the surgical procedure

It might serve you well to refrain from drinking or eating for 24 hours before you undergo your procedure. However, your surgeon will usually direct you on whether to eat anything, depending on your unique circumstances. You should also consult with the surgeon to understand what the process will entail before being sedated with anesthesia. Lastly, ensure that you are accompanied by someone else as they will make sure you arrive home safely after the surgery.

Preparing for your all-on-4 procedure is a straightforward process that will help you regain your smile and confidence. Suppose you look forward to leading a more meaningful and active life; it is a good idea to consider an all-on-4.

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