How Pandemic affect the gambling industry

This year was difficult for the whole world because of the coronavirus pandemic. It has forced so many countries to enforce lockdowns, and that has literally paralyzed the world’s economy. Some businesses were forced to close.

Since people were forced to stay in isolation, they had to find new ways to entertain themselves. There are many ways to have fun even if you are in self-isolation. Some found that a home gym is a great idea to stay healthy. Others discovered Youtube for themselves. And some other people decided that online betting is a great idea to both have fun and possibly even get a profit. Sites like turned out quite popular then.

The spring did not give people many sports to bet on, since it was a pretty sad season. The virus caused so many lockdowns, that sports betting sites did not have any games for people to bet on. And for that reason, most sports bettors went back to virtual casinos and slots.

Statistics say that over half the matches got canceled or delayed in the spring and summer, and that directly caused online casinos to see an 80 percent increase in business.

However since June, almost all the sports teams came back, and we saw world-famous sports leagues come back online.

How did this affect the gambling industry?

The number of active players in the UK went down a lot in the period between March and May. This is because many sports tournaments were canceled then. However real event betting, which is based on other events, saw a 10 percent increase in players.

Virtual betting saw an even greater spike, since almost all the people who left sports betting, decided to bet on virtual slot machines instead. Nonetheless, some people are in restrained financial conditions today, because of unemployment. It is not possible to tell if they will be eager to gamble.

As of today, there is a second wave of COVID-19 cases, and this has caused countries to impose more lockdowns. The world is looking much like it did in the spring, and we can expect the sports betting market to be down again. But that is not for sure.

A lot of people are stuck at home again, and we can expect them to turn to gamble and video games to soothe their boredom. If that happens, then we will probably see many more new online gamblers.

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