How online casino brands market themselves in different countries around the world

The online casino market is growing, and the scene is changing all the time. There are many states in the US where gambling is now legal after years of being restricted, and these new regulations open up a new way for brands to market themselves.

In this guide, we’re looking into some of the ways that casino brands and gambling brands promote themselves, which can vary around the world. In Russia, for instance, the top online casino and gambling brands use promo signups to entice people in by giving them free bets or matched deposits. This is a popular technique all over the world.

Gambling companies looking to promote their offerings must operate within the law. CMS Law explains that: “Online gambling in Russia is restricted to ‘interactive’ online bets through the state-run payment processing provider (TsUPIS); such online betting is subject to the operator holding a valid local license.”

Let’s dive into some of the other ways that casino brands promote and market themselves around the world.

Pay per click ads

Advertising laws vary a lot depending on where in the world a casino is based. In the UK, for instance, it is absolutely fine for companies to use pay per click (PPC) ads, and there are a lot of examples of this. However, there are also some restrictions. Companies need to make sure that they aren’t using any PPC terms that could be seen as appealing to children, for example.

These laws are in place to protect consumers. However, it doesn’t mean that PPC is out of the question, and certain gambling terms are very competitive for those who are willing to pay for clicks.

Television ads

Television ads are still crucial to many different casino brands. For instance, in South Africa, some television ads even play during sports matches and other television shows that encourage people to sign up.

These sorts of ads may be restricted in many countries. Also, they are usually tied to an offer which aims to encourage people to sign up to the online casino, such as a matched deposit.

TV ads are definitely not out of favor even in the modern age of the internet, and gambling companies spend millions of dollars a year on promoting themselves in this way.


Sponsorship deals can be worth a lot of money, so it is clear to see that they work. Sponsorships often focus on sports clubs, and while this may be more suited to sports gambling, there are plenty of examples of casino brands using sports team sponsorships to grow their market share.

For instance, is a casino that has built a big network of sports team sponsorships around the world and has seen interest in their brand grow significantly as a result. In the English Premier League, the casino brand was sponsoring Watford, but they have now been relegated and they have signed a huge deal with Everton Football Club instead to help promote their online casino, which has a focus on cryptocurrency.

Special offers

With so many different casino brands out there competing, they often attempt to differentiate themselves through special offers and promotions, and these can vary a lot from one country to the next. In the US, there are plenty of gambling brands that even offer special bonuses such as free jerseys and merchandise when you sign up with their brand.

Casinos can provide signup bonuses and other special offers including matched deposits, as mentioned earlier in the article. Some also incentivize sharing by allowing their players to earn a referral fee when they get their friends to sign up for an account.

Brand ambassadors

One of the areas that a lot of casinos are taking advantage of is working with individuals as ambassadors. For example, Drake is working closely with The Canadian star is known to enjoy gambling, having played a variety of table games in the past. He is a big draw, and you can see how these sorts of deals can prove to be fruitful, even if companies do have to be cautious to stay within the law.


As well as laws being different all over the world, and even in different states and provinces, there are very different market behaviors and consumers tend to react differently around the world. Online casino brands’ global marketing strategies must consider what will work in a variety of locations to have the best impact.

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