Dressing tips for a triangle body shape

Dressing to suit your body type is a vital part of looking good and feeling relaxed, whatever your personal style. Although everyone is different, most shapes fit into some broad categories, and here we look at some strategies for triangular body shapes.

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A body shaped like a triangle isn’t a bad thing. It does not indicate that the body in question is overweight or obese, it merely indicates that it is more noticeable in the midsection. It is useful to recognise this characteristic so you can dress to fit your proportions. It can be more of a challenge than any of the other shapes, since the opposite of the triangle body is built for many garments. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t dress in stylish designer clothing, you can find some great Mens Superdry Clothes at places such as https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/superdry.html that are perfect for the triangular shaped body.

You should strive to add structure at the top to balance your silhouette, helping narrow shoulders appear wider in contrast to the wider waist. Try to avoid turtlenecks, narrow necklines or polo shirts, for instance, which may seem to limit or pinch the area of the neck.

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Furthermore the aim is to minimise the midsection, so that big shirts with tonnes of material that might balloon out and look baggy are avoided.

Dark colours such as black, charcoal and navy are common all the time and with good reason. It is immediately slender to dress in these colours, evening out the silhouette. Look for dark monochromatic colours or look for thin, vertical stripes that are automatically slim if you choose a print.

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