Do You Really Need Wood Floor Underlay?

Choosing to invest in wood floors can be an expensive decision even before you consider accessories. Though wood flooring looks amazing, it is not the cheapest material you could choose for your home. Add in the cost of things like wood floor underlay, and you may be looking at quite an expensive renovation overall. Is wood floor underway really necessary? Let’s take a look.


One of the biggest reasons to choose wood floor underlay is because of the boost in comfort it brings. Though wood is not the most unforgiving of floors, it is also not the most comfortable. It is always pleasant to walk on a comfy floor and underlay can be one of the key ways you achieve this.

Underlay helps to create a cushion between the wood layer and the underfloor. It is usually made of a springier material and this helps to absorb some of the shock of a step, creating a much more pleasant experience overall. It can also help with insulation, meaning the floor will feel a little warmer underfoot compared to if you just put the wooden flooring over the bare underfloor.


Due to the fact that there is that extra layer in place, a wood floor will have better acoustics if you include a layer of underlay. Everyone is familiar with the sounds of shoes rapping on a wooden floor from far away. As with the comfort factor, the extra layer helps to absorb the impact of your step and therefore will stop some of the energy escaping as sound.

This can be incredibly beneficial if you live in an apartment building. Many people love the look of wood floors, and they are one of the easiest floors to manage in a rental property. However, you need to make sure that any footsteps in the unit are not echoing too much so you don’t disturb the neighbours. The right wood floor underlay will help with this issue.


Wood floor underlay also provides a layer of much-needed protection for the floor. Most often than not, wood floor underlay is waterproof in some way. Moisture can sometimes build up on top of the concrete or screed underfloor and this can cause warping on the wooden floors if you do not have a barrier in place.

Why would you want to spend so much money on a floor only to allow damage to happen to it like this? Take the time to invest in a good-quality wood floor underlay. Though you may never see it, you will see the benefits it will have.

So, do you really need wood floor underlay? Absolutely! It is just as important as the floor itself! When you are investing in a high-quality wood floor, you need to make sure that it looks just as good as the day you bought it, and the right underlay can be a great way to achieve that. Take the time to find the right wood floor underlay for you, and let the results speak for themselves.

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