How to decorate your house with straight lines

The line is a visible concept in the configuration of a space, just as it happens on the surface of a drawing, the lines expand in the decoration plane, enhancing its expressive beauty. There are different types of lines that set a style trend today. One type of proposal is the straight lines that highlights this image in the interior of a home.

But the purity of the straight lines is still topical as it shows, for example, the harmony of a contemporary style that projects this balance from this creation of a space that has this strength. As with any decoration proposal, a theoretical concept is transferred to the framework of a home through the reinterpretation of that idea to contextualize it in the home. How to decorate your house with straight lines?

Furniture of straight lines

When choosing furniture to dress the different rooms, it is worth highlighting those furniture designs that are defined by their straight lines. You will find straight-line designs in different styles, for example, rustic aesthetic proposals for a country house. The Nordic style also evolves from this premise.

The minimalist style, from its simplicity, also multiplies the beauty in the interior landscape from the excellence in the use of this visual resource that draws a scheme in which “less is more” is the key to success. Therefore, choose the style of decoration with which you want to dress your home and select furniture that, in addition to harmonizing with the essence of that style, projects this image of the straight line in the design of the chosen cabinets.

Space analysis

When choosing the style of decoration for your home, in addition to listening to your own personal taste, analyze the characteristics of that place. A space that interpreted from the point of view of the straight line will project a specific image.

For example, the straight line is also frequent in spaces decorated in an industrial style. A trend that, in turn, is especially attractive in large places where high ceilings add differential value to the decoration project. Therefore, observe the space, identify its needs and contextualize this decorative language of the straight line in this situation plane.

Combination of straight lines and curves

In addition to the proposals already mentioned, the objective of decorating a place with straight lines can also create an attractive set with other geometric shapes that create visual contrasts in the living room. An example of style that enhances decorative excess is one that has an eclectic approach by adding diversity of colors, variety of textures and infinity of forms.

The eclectic style has this versatility, but it is not easy to create without the advice of a professional. All the elements are arranged with planning, an eclectic composition is not the result of the improvisation of that moment.

Select different formulas to integrate this harmony of the straight line into the home, emphasizing the different elements. Also on the walls.

Complements of straight lines

If you want to enhance the use of the straight line in the decoration, you can also prioritize the simplicity of the accessories, for example, the vases that stand out for this feature. In home and garden products stores you will find designs of this type to complement with flowers that add the magic of nature to the house in each of the seasons of the year.

How to decorate your house with straight lines? With creativity and perspective.

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